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Organics Analysis equipment for Monitoring and Testing

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    chromaTHC - Total Hydrocarbons Monitoring Analyzer

    CH4 and Non Methane Total Hydro Carbon (NMTHC) Monitoring and analysis of Methane and Non-Methane Hydrocarbons by flame ionisation detection (ppm level analysis). The CHROMATHC is an automated isothermal industrial gas chromatograph dedicated to the analysis of volatile organic compounds in air (indoor, outdoor, combustion), industrial hygiene, ...

    By Chromatotec Group based in Val de Virvée, FRANCE. from Total Hydrocarbons Monitoring Analyzer Product line

  • Denuders - Parallel Plate Carbon Filter

    Our Parallel-plate Carbon Filter Denuders remove semi-volatile organic carbon vapors. Without Denuders, absorption artifacts will be present on a following quartz filter.

    By Sunset Laboratory, Inc. based in Tigard, OREGON (USA).

  • Xonteck - Model X-CAN - SUMMA Canister Equivalent

    X-CAN (SUMMA canister equivalent) is designed to collect an air sample, which meet US EPA Compendium of Air Methods TO-14A and TO-15 for collection, storage, and analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) using treated air sampling canisters.

    By Xonteck Inc based in Fremont, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Model SDI-TOF-MS-2000 - On-Line Time-Of-Flight Mass Analyser

    On-line time-of-flight mass analyser (TOFMS) providing rapid and sensitive gas analysis for environmental monitoring and research applications. The SDI-TOF-MS-2000 perform measurements over a wide range from ppt to percent concentrations of most ambient gases of environmental interest. Ease of operation and ability to produce stable long-term ...

    By Beijing Care Corporation Ltd. based in Beijing, CHINA. from On-Line Time-Of-Flight Mass Analyser Product line

  • Entech - Model 7150 - Concentrator System for Large Volume Headspace

    You may be struggling to analyse ppt levels of volatile and semi-volatile compounds in foods, beverages, consumer products or some other moisture laden matrix. The Entech 7150 Concentrator with the 7500A large volume autosampler offers a revolutionary new way to work with these kinds of samples.

    By Anatune Ltd. based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Stockwell - Model 400uL - Snap Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes

    Polypropylene is not recommended for use with Phenol Chloroform. Low temperature storage, multiple spin cycles or organic solvents can affect maximum force. Run a test before using. Assorted colors are randomly mixed Natural, Blue, Green, Lavender, Orange, Pink, and Yellow tubes in each bag.

    By Stockwell Scientific based in Scottsdale, ARIZONA (USA). from Snap Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes Product line

  • Model F - Ostracodtoxkit F Microbiotests Kit

    6 days chronic (mortality/growth inhibition) toxicity test with the ostracod Heterocypris incongruens. The Ostracodtoxkit is the very first “direct contact” microbiotest for contaminated sediments or soils.

    By MicroBioTests Inc. based in Mariakerke (Gent), BELGIUM. from Ostracodtoxkit F Microbiotests Kit Product line

  • Chemglaze - Model A074 - Polyurethane Coating

    LORD Chemglaze A-line coatings are moisture-curing, aliphatic polyurethane coatings designed for product finishing applications on many metal and rigid or semi-rigid plastic substrates. Chemglaze A-Line coatings are ASTM D-16 Type II oil-free products, and are available in clear, black and white.

    By LORD Corporation based in Cary, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Polyurethane Coating Product line

  • Real Tech - Model P Series - UV254 Organics Testing Portable Meter

    The UV254 Portable meters from Real Tech lead the way in portable organics testing. Benefiting from Spilt-Sense technology, the instruments have a unique memory calibration feature which allows the meters to be used for an extended period of time before DI calibration is required. Operation is straight forward with accurate and repeatable results ...

    By Real Tech Inc. based in Whitby, ONTARIO (CANADA). from UV254 Organics Testing Portable Meter Product line

  • Fruit Control Equipments - Ionny

    Environmental Sanitization System The environmental sanitization system IONNY®, developed with the collaboration from research institutes employed in various fields, represents a revolutionary system for the sanitization of foodstuffs and industrial environments.The IONNY® sanitization system is based on high-energy ions generation capable of ...

    By Fruit Control Equipments Srl (FCE) based in Locate Triulzi (MI), ITALY.

  • Proviplast - Model 0142 / 01422 - PVB

    For PVC and PVB applications, the products offer higher yield through increased compatibility. For PVB applications, Proviplast 0142/01422 are used as plasticizers for laminated glass. The products drastically improve low temperature flexibility. This is also helpful in (semi-) polar rubber applications. Here Proviplast 0142/01422 also offer ...

    By Proviron based in Hemiksem, BELGIUM.

  • Model UV254 - Chemtrac Portable Monitor

    With the Uv 254 portable range of UV 254 hand held meters you get: Portable organics monitoring in water. Measures UV254. Accurate, stable, reliable and precise. Ease of use. Rugged. Low cost. Calibration memory. Innovative technology. Long lamp life.

    By Water Technology Ltd. based in Cork, IRELAND. from Chemtrac Portable Monitor Product line

  • Nonylphenol (NP) Analysis

    (Nonylphenol, including Nonylphenol Ethoxylate, and Nonylphenol Diethoxylate). Nonylphenol is used commercially as a non-ionic surfactant in detergent formulation. The nine-mole ethoxylate is the most prevalent isomer used, and it readily biodegrades to form lower mole ethoxylates. Predominantly, the one, two and three ethoxylate moieties, along ...

    By Pacific Rim Laboratories Inc. (PRL) based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Nonylphenol (NP) Analysis Product line

  • Eichrom - Pre-Filter Resin

    Eichrom’s Pre-filter Resin is an uncoated, inert polymeric support and can be used to remove trace amounts of organic compounds from aqueous solutions. This non-specific sorption can be used to eliminate colored organic compounds which can cause quench in liquid scintillation counting and to scavenge extractant leached from EXC resins in ...

    By Eichrom Technologies, LLC based in Lisle, ILLINOIS (USA). from Pre-Filter Resin Product line

  • Aquanaut - Acrylic Primer Coating

    Aquanaut Acrylic Primer is a new and improved single component, water borne, rust inhibitive primer. This primer is a Direct to Metal (DTM) Primer with rust inhibitive pigmentation that also has improved flow & leveling characteristics as well as better dry fall capabilities. Aquanaut© Acrylic Primer does not contain lead or chromates, is ...

    By Induron Coatings Inc. based in Birmingham, ALABAMA (USA). from Acrylic Primer Coating Product line

  • Janitori - Model 52 - Foaming Hand Soap

    Keep your skin soft and dirt-free with Janitori’s handsoap. It’s infused with aloe vera, almond oil and vitamin E, so it really moisturizes while it cleans. Just pump, lather and rinse.

    By Janitori based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • ipBLACK - Membrane Filters

    Black dyied membranes are currently used for direct observation and rapid quantification of animal cells or micro-organisms. The ipBLACK membrane display a low level of autofluorescence, lowering the interference with the fluorescent markers used in cytology, and are therefore a powerful tool for cells detection and counting.

    By it4ip s.a. based in Louvain-la-Neuve, BELGIUM. from Membrane Filters Product line

  • Model U6000AT+ - Ultrasonic Nebulizer/Membrane Desolvator

    The U6000AT+ Ultrasonic Nebulizer/Membrane Desolvator provides enhanced desolvation for both aqueous and organic samples. Interferences are reduced for ICP-AES and ICP-MS, lowering analyte detection limits. Enhanced solvent vapor removal by inert membrane desolvator. Improved detection limits for ICP-MS. Enables analysis of volatile organics by ...

    By Teledyne CETAC Technologies based in Omaha, NEBRASKA (USA). from Ultrasonic Nebulizer/Membrane Desolvator Product line

  • Rapidtoxkit Microbiotests Kit

    'One hour' toxicity test with larvae of the anostracan crustacean Thamnocephalus platyurus for rapid detection of water contamination.

    By MicroBioTests Inc. based in Mariakerke (Gent), BELGIUM. from Rapidtoxkit Microbiotests Kit Product line

  • Onset HOBO - Model U12-008 - 4-Channel External Data Logger

    Employ multiple energy and environmental sensors, ranging from amps to temperature, with the HOBO U12-008 data logger. Its weatherproof enclosure allows the U12-008 to be flexible to deploy inside or outdoors. The HOBO U12-008 memory stores 43,000 measurements of 12-bit resolution readings.

    By Onset Computer Corporation based in Bourne, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from 4-Channel External Data Logger Product line

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