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Nitrogen generation for the Marine, Oil & Gas industry

by Oxymat A/S     based in Helsinge, DENMARK

Marine conditions pose a number of challenges and issues. Size, weight, rough sea conditions, corrosion, high temperatures, cargo needing protection, just to name a few.Oxymat’s Marine, Oil & Gas division produces nitrogen PSA generator systems to the marine industry with the necessary experience and know-how to address these issues. Compared to a traditional membrane based system, PSA systems significantly decrease redundancy and can cut energy consumption with up to 30%. In addition, a PSA system can produce 5% or lower oxygen levels.With the highest quality in components, PSA systems are extremely reliable with at least 48.000 running hours before CMS replacement is needed.

Reflow Solder Ovens for Process Industry

by Systech Instruments Ltd     based in Thame, UNITED KINGDOM

Reflow solder machines are used in applications where production line flow solder machines require a controlled atmosphere within the pre-heat tunnel, to achieve optimum solder connections for highly reliable printed circuit boards used in the electronics industry.

Oxygen Generating Systems for Waste Gas Treatment in the Semiconductor, PV and LED Industries

by Oxygen Generating Systems Intl. (OGSI)     based in North Tonawanda, NEW YORK (USA)

Waste gas treatment is an often overlooked but important function of Semiconductor, PV and LED fabrication. Several serious accidents have taken place in factories where no abatement was installed. Even today waste treatment is often seen as a cost rather than a safety issue. There are three main reasons why waste gas treatment is installed in factories: health and safety, environmental factors, and quality control.

Oxygen generation for ozone industry

by Oxymat A/S     based in Helsinge, DENMARK

Ozone is a highly effective method for bacteriological treatment and useful in a variety of everyday situations from removing odor to ensuring clean, high quality drinking water from the tap. But O3 is more than just effective. It is also environmentally safe, which makes it highly suitable for treating water in enormous quantities; both drinking water and industrial waste water, i.e. in industrial slaughterhouses.

Headspace Gas Analyzers for Food & Pharmaceutical Industry

by Systech Instruments Ltd     based in Thame, UNITED KINGDOM

Carbon dioxide and oxygen headspace analysis for food and pharmaceutical applications. To ensure product packaging integrity and shelf life, many food and pharmaceutical products are packaged using MAP Modified Atmosphere Packaging.  Systech Illinois headspace gas analyzers offers fast, accurate MAP analysis of headspace in gas flushed food and pharmaceutical products.

Controlled Atmosphere Ovens and Furnaces for Process Industry

by Systech Instruments Ltd     based in Thame, UNITED KINGDOM

Controlled Atmosphere Ovens & Furnaces are used in applications such as the manufacturing of metal products, where a specialised environment is required within the ovens and furnaces to achieve the desired product finish.

Oxygen Monitoring from Aerobic and Anaerobic for Biodegradation Assessments

by Respirometer Systems and Applications, LLC     based in Springdale, ARKANSAS (USA)

Biodegradation tests involve testing samples in response to various parameters: dilution, nutrient addition, pH, temperature, and others. The pattern of oxygen uptake in aerobic tests; nitrogen gas production in anoxic denitrification tests; methane production in methanogenic tests; hydrogen production during glycolysis; and carbon dioxide production during fermentation reactions gives a measure of the rate and extent of biodegradation of the organic constituents of the test sample. 

Gas detection for the winery and brewery Industry

by Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd - a Halma company     based in Milton Park, UNITED KINGDOM

Once an archetypal example of manual production, the winery and brewery industries now incorporate sophisticated processes to ensure high quality levels and efficient output. In some cases traditional approaches have simply been scaled up or put under more stringent monitoring, whilst in others innovations such as nitrogen-pressurised canning have been introduced. However, whichever approach has been followed there is also a growing realisation of the gas hazards that are associated with both new and old processes, and the need to protect workers from toxic gas exposure and asphyxiation risks.

Oxygen Monitoring from Aerobic and Anaerobic for Toxicity Assessments

by Respirometer Systems and Applications, LLC     based in Springdale, ARKANSAS (USA)

Toxicity of pure chemicals is assessed using respirometers by adding increasing concentrations to an active culture. The concentration at which oxygen uptake or gas production begins to decrease is known as the “threshold toxicant concentration.”

Medical Gas Analysis for Process Industry

by Systech Instruments Ltd     based in Thame, UNITED KINGDOM

USP37 Medical Gas requires a specific, selective and positive identification test using a paramagnetic signal. Regular analysis of medical gas is required to ensure that the oxygen concentration is NLT 99.0% volume. Following the appropriate United States Pharmacopeia standards, in this case specifically USP37, requires an analyzer which uses a paramagnetic based technology.  The Systech Illinois Paramagnetic Oxgyen Analyzer PM700 is perfectly suited for this medical gas analysis application.

Gas monitoring and dust monitoring for the steel industry

by NEO Monitors AS     based in Skedsmokorset, NORWAY

  • Blast furnace offgas, combustion control, CO, CO2, O2
  • Converter (Basic oxygen furnace BOF)
    • CO gas recovery
    • O2 measurement for explosion prevention
  • Electric arc furnace offgas, combustion control, CO, O2, H2O
  • Reheating furnaces, O2
  • Coking plant
    • CO analysis in oven offgas
    • O2 analysis for explosion prevention in raw coke gas or after tar precipitator
    • NH3 measurement after scrubber
    • H2S measurement after scrubber

Several waste gas streams: Highly contaminated oxygen-free waste gas,|and medium waste gas stream

by Chemisch Thermische Prozesstechnik GmbH / CTP Air Pollution Control     based in Graz, AUSTRIA

Explosive oxygen-free waste gases are disposed of and contribute to the oxidation process of the contaminants.

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