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Ozone Monitoring Equipment available in Angola

  • Eco Sensors - Model DOM-1 - Dissolved Ozone Monitor

    Bottled water plants Food treatment systems Equipment sterilizing systems Wastewater treatment monitoring Factory pure water process and control. Technical Applications; Online, 0-2 ppm, Low Cost, Rugged Dissolved Ozone Monitor. Typical applications: Bottled water plants, Food treatment systems, Equipment sterilizing systems, Wastewater treatment ...

    By Eco Sensors - Division of KWJ Engineering Inc. based in Newark, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Dissolved Ozone Instruments Product line

  • Eco Sensor - Model A-21ZX - Portable Ozone Sensor

    The Eco Sensors Model A-21ZX portable ozone sensor provides a reliable and inexpensive way of checking generators, valves, piping and general environments for ozone leaks and for estimating ozone levels. It can be used as a permanent monitor indoors when concentrations average below .1 ppm. It may be used outdoors for ozone studies in moderate ...

    By Eco Sensors - Division of KWJ Engineering Inc. based in Newark, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Hand-Held Instruments Product line

  • Indoor Air Quality Meters (IAQ)

    GrayWolf's versatile IAQ Monitors make proactive indoor air quality surveys efficient and easy to conduct. Measure a broad range of key parameters (including VOCs, CO2, CO, O3, DP, %RH and much more) with a single rugged meter or mobile computer. Document surveys on site with text or audio notes; even attach photos/videos directly to data files. ...

    By GrayWolf Sensing Solutions based in Shelton, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • Model GSM-60 - Gas Sampling Monitor with Internal Pump and Sensors

    Also Accepts Additional Inputs from Remote Sensor/Transmitters. The GSM-60 is a versatile instrument, which, in addition to having an internal sampling pump and sensors, can also accept inputs from remote gas sensor/transmitters. The system can be custom configured to monitor a variety of conditions, including VOCs, CO, CO2, oxygen, as well as ...

    By ENMET, LLC based in Ann Arbor, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • Aeroqual - Model Series 930 - Fixed Ozone Monitoring System

    The Series 930 Fixed Ozone Monitoring Instrument is a flexible monitor compatible with 4 ranges of ozone sensor as well as a temperature and humidity sensor, if required. The sensor is housed in a robust IP65/NEMA 4 rated water resistant enclosure protecting it from water damage. There is also the option to include an integrated display for ...

    By Aeroqual Ltd based in Mount Eden, NEW ZEALAND. from Outdoor Portable Air Monitors Product line

  • Model POM Series - Personal Ozone Monitor

    2B Tech has taken the next step in miniaturization of UV-based ozone monitors by developing the Personal Ozone Monitor or 'POM'. The POM has dimensions of 4 x 3 x 1.5 inches and weighs only 0.75 lb (340 g). It has a built in GPS so that ozone measurements may be logged continuously along with geographic location. By folding the optical path in the ...

    By 2B Technologies based in Boulder, COLORADO (USA). from Ozone Monitors for Ambient Air Product line

  • Tisch - Model OA-683 - Ozone Analyzer

    Tisch Environmental, Inc. and Kimoto Electric have joined forces to introduce continuous air quality monitoring devices. Both companies have been producing instruments for measurement of air quality for over 50 years each. The UV absorption method ozone (O3) analyzer, Model : OA-683 is the most reliable continuous O3 monitor. This analyzer ...

    By Tisch Environmental Inc. - Tisch International based in Cleves, OHIO (USA). from Gas Analyzers Product line

  • Ambient Ozone Monitor

    The OWS Ambient Ozone Monitor is not an ordinary ozone monitor that only analyzes ambient ozone concentrations of the surrounding atmosphere. It has many advantages, but the most important is that it works as a safety device - not just an analytical device.

    By Ozone Water Systems, Inc. based in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Model H1 - High Concentration Ozone Analyzers

    A common application for a high concentration ozone analyzer is to monitor and control high ozone generator output. The required ozone purity, concentration, and output flow rate determine the requirements for both the ozone generator and the ozone analyzer. The ozone analyzer must accurately monitor and control the ozone generator output in order ...

    By IN USA based in Norwood, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Ozone Analyzers Product line

  • In-Line Gas Analyser O3

    A high quality instrument for ozone process measurements. Provides continuous measurement of ozone and temperature concentrations, in addition to trace level concentration measures in liquid and gas phase.

    By Cambridge Sensotec Limited based in St Ives, UNITED KINGDOM. from Dextens Product line

  • Premium

    Environnement S.A. - Model O342M - UV Absorption Ozone Analyzer

    Provides accurate O3 low level monitoring measurements in the range of 0-10 ppm. Ultra compact and lightweight – rackable 19'/3U. UV absorption technology. SMD enhanced electronics. Compliance with ISO 13964 and EN 14625. NEW: Built-in serial interface (RS 232 / RS 422), USB & TCP/IP connectivity. NEW: on board web server compatible with ...

    By Environnement S.A based in Poissy, FRANCE. from Air Quality Monitoring - Gas Analyzers Product line

  • Premium

    TAPI - Model 465M - Process Ozone Monitor

    The Model 465M is a microprocessor based medium range ozone monitor for measuring process ozone concentrations in water treatment, food processing, and research applications. The design has been specifically optimized for applications requiring the measurement of ozone at near-ambient pressure such as water treatment contactor off-gas measurement. ...

    By Teledyne API based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Process Ozone Monitoring Product line

  • Showcase

    TAPI - Model 430 - Compact Ozone (O3) Analyzer

    The Model 430 is a compact, portable ozone analyzer that can be used for regulatory, research, or educational monitoring in routine, remote, and mobile air applications. Because of its low power consumption, it can be run from various DC power sources, such as batteries or solar panels, and can use car adapters.

    By Teledyne API based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Portable and Compact Instruments Product line

  • Premium

    TAPI - Model T400 - UV Absorption O3 Analyzer

    The Model T400 UV Absorption analyzer uses a system based on the Beer-Lambert law for measuring low ranges of ozone in ambient air.

    By Teledyne API based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Ambient and Source Gas Monitoring Product line

  • Premium

    Lenntech - Ozone Measurement

    Lenntech offers a range of ozone measuring modules. The range covers ambient ozone measurement, high concentration ozone measurement and dissolved ozone analysers. The advantage of these compact ozone analysers is that at low cost the area around the ozone generator is continuously controlled against any ozone leakage and ozone concentrations. ...

    By Lenntech Water Treatment based in Delft, NETHERLANDS. from Ozone Systems Product line

  • Premium

    Merck - Model 173635 - Spectroquant Move Cl2/O3/ClO2/CyA/pH

    Mobile Colorimeter for Disinfection Control - The new Spectroquant® Move enables you to test at the click of a button for chlorine, ozone, chlorine dioxide, cyanuric acid and pH analysis in water with one instrument. - Test all parameters with one instrument - Easy on-site analysis - Secure and reliable results with Analytical Quality Assurance ...

    By Merck Millipore based in Darmstadt, GERMANY. from Water and Food Analytics - Photometric methods Product line

  • Premium

    Sabio - Model 2030 - Portable Ozone Photometer Audit Transfer Standard

    The Model 2030 is a portable Ozone Photometer audit transfer standard that is ideal for calibrating ambient air monitoring ozone analyzers and ozone generators. Using Beer-Lambert's Law, the Ozone photometer measures the amount of UV light attenuated at 254nm across a sample path. The unit alternates the ozone sample with a sample that has the ...

    By Sabio Instruments, a division of Sutron Corporation based in Round Rock, TEXAS (USA). from Portable Ozone Photometer Product line

  • High-Resolution Infrared Radiation Sounder

    Harris’ high-resolution infrared radiation sounder (HIRS) instrument has been internationally recognized as the operational sounder for global weather data since 1978. HIRS collects global data on a daily basis for a variety of land, ocean, and atmospheric applications. In its full global coverage, HIRS uses improved infrared ...

    By Harris Corporation based in Melbourne, FLORIDA (USA). from Environmental Solutions- Radiation Budget Instrument Product line

  • Lab - Model 2B - Laboratory Ozone Generator

    A corona discharge ozone generator with outputs ranging from one to twelve grams of ozone per hour dependant on the feedgas used. The unit is capable of operating with either a dry air supply or oxygen and incorporates variable output.

    By Triogen Ltd. based in East Kilbride, UNITED KINGDOM. from Industrial Ozone Generators Product line

  • Model ORP-200 - Waterproof ORP Meter

    Ideal for all ORP testing, including anti-oxidant measurement, water purification applications, ionizers, agriculture, aquariums & aquaculture, chlorine monitoring, cooling tower disinfection, environmental testing, fruit & vegetable washing, hydroponics, metal finishing, ozone system monitoring, pharmaceutical & medical applications, ...

    By HM Digital, Inc. based in Culver City, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Handheld TDS Meters Product line

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