Ozone (O3) Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Case-Study: Varanasi Smart City Monitoring

    Case-Study: Varanasi Smart City Monitoring

    Varanasi Municipal Corporation had to monitor the increasing pollution in the city, mainly due to increased tourism and infrastructure developments. Oizom along with Efkon India Pvt Ltd. deployed Polludrone in the city to analyze the pollution and meteorological parameters. 50 Polludrone across the city to gather and monitor ambient data. The data collected is continuously sent to our Terminal, ...


  • Ozone O3 Destroys Covid-19 Virus

    Ozone O3 Destroys Covid-19 Virus

    Ozone is considered to be one of the most powerful disinfectants to fight against the Covid-19 virus and other pathogens, hence market demand for ozone sensors and instruments has increased significantly. CitiSafe proudly supplies the SemeaTech ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Ozone Generators

    Ozone Generators

    The ECF-XT range is the latest range of large ozone generators. Twelve different types of systems are able to produce between 1 kg/h and 35 kg/h of ozone with very low power consumption and with ozone concentrations between 2 % wt and 14 % wt. The power consumption for ozone production from PSA and LOX is very competitive. Regarding ozone production from we are the leading manufacturer of ozone ...