Passive Sampling

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  • Portable Pump
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    Portable Pump

    By Environmental Sensors Company

    This series builds on the technology of the Z instruments. These instruments use the same electrochemical sensor and design as the Z series, but Z-XP series employ an internal sampling pump instead of diffusion ...

  • Soil Corer Set
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    Soil Corer Set

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

    A compact, multifunctional corer for taking soil samples (possibly containing volatiles). The 16-ml (about 25 g) soil samples are cut from above the ground surface. They can then be packed so that they are protected ...

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  • Forensic Issues in Alcohol Testing

    Forensic Issues in Alcohol Testing

    Extracted from the Drug Abuse Handbook, 2nd edition, to give you just the information you need at an affordable price. Forensic Issues in Alcohol ...

  • Transport and Mixing in Geophysical Flows

    Transport and Mixing in Geophysical Flows

    This volume collects a number of theoretical and experimental lectures on various aspects of transport and mixing of active and passive particles in ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Environmental Sensors Company

    Environmental Sensors Company

    Environmental Sensors Co. offers a complete line of analytical instruments for toxic chemical vapor detection and monitoring. ESC gas monitors are ...

  • MeterMall USA

    MeterMall USA

    Distributor of portable digital equipment for measuring, monitoring and data-logging environmental conditions including air flow, temperature, ...

  • Specac Limited

    Specac Limited

    Specac has been a manufacturer of high quality accessories for the spectroscopic industry and beyond for over 35 years. Specac’s spectroscopic acces