Passive Sampling

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  • Ozone Compatible Ceramic Diffusers
    Showcase Product

    Ozone Compatible Ceramic Diffusers

    By Mantec Filtration

    Ozone is increasingly used to replace chlorine as an agent for killing bacteria and traces of pesticides in potable water. Unlike the chlorine traditionally used, it disappears quickly and leaves no aftertaste. It is ...

  • Cartridge Adsorbents
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    Cartridge Adsorbents

    By Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

    Radiello Cartridge Adsorbents for sampling anaesthetic gases/vapors, matrix SS net with mix of mol sieve and activated charcoal (30-50 mesh), pk of 20.

  • On-Field Thermometer
    Showcase Product

    On-Field Thermometer

    By Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

    Uptake rates are dependent on temperature; therefore, concentration values obrtained during samplng will be more accurate if precise temperatures are recorded during sampling. Note that temperature variations of up to ...

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  • US Nuclear Corporation

    US Nuclear Corporation

    US Nuclear Corp designs, manufactures and markets a branded, full line of radiation and chemical detection instrumentation including specialties such ...

  • ENVICON GmbH & Co. KG

    We have been producing in Germany diffusers of different types and with various membrane materials for wastewater and potable water treatment for ...

  • Passam Ltd.

    Passam Ltd.

    Passam ltd. produces diffusive samplers for ambient monitoring. Passam provides analytical service in spectrophotometry, ion chromatography and gas ...

  • European Tech Serv NV (ETS)

    European Tech Serv NV (ETS)

    European Tech Serv was founded in 1995 as a company mainly trading in components for sampling systems for the Petro-chemical industry.From 1997, ETS ...

  • Dajak


    Dajak, in conjunction with the companies it represents, provides technical solutions to challenges faced by the environmental consulting community. ...