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water pathogen removal (Pathogens) equipment

  • UrSpring HotWater

    From hot water circulation loops in buildings large amounts of legionella, other pathogens, rust and sludge are continuously recirculated into be freshly prepared hot water. The UrSpring HotWater removes all bacteria, including all pathogens, as well as the entire sludge from water – without residuals – and therewith prevents ...

    By Seccua GmbH based in Steingaden, GERMANY.

  • PB-International - Shower Filter Rod

    The PB-Shower filter is especially designed to connect in a very simple way to the existing mixing valves. The self-cleaning PB-Filter element gives the best possible protection against being infected with the Legionella bacterium.

    By PB International based in NETHERLANDS. from Point of Use (POU) Product line

  • PB-International - Stainless Steel Shower Panel

    The stainless steel PB-shower panel is integrated with a self-cleaning Legionella filter element. The built-in PB-filter module gives the best possible protection against infection from pathogenic bacteria. The filter mechanically removes suspended solids, bacteria, like the Legionella bacterium and viruses, without chemicals.

    By PB International based in NETHERLANDS. from Point of Use (POU) Product line

  • QB Labs - Model PowerHatch - Probiotic Water Supplement For Hatcheries Of All Kinds

    The smallest change in growing conditions in a hatchery can ruin a season. Working with our clients, we developed PowerHatch™ as a proactive water quality stabilizer product, specifically designed for larvae and fingerling optimization. When at their most fragile, protecting larvae at all costs is a requirement for strong yields. However, ...

    By QB Labs, LLC based in St. Louis, MISSOURI (USA). from Aquaculture Products Product line

  • Model NLB Series - Portable Purified Water Bottle

    NLB series portable purified water bottle adopts international advanced efficient filter with a long lifetime. It can remove pathotype such as bacteria, pathogenic bacteria, etc. in contaminated water, filtrate and absorb suspended matter, a variety of harmful morganic and organic compounds, making the water of purification and disuifection.

    By Newland Entech Co., Ltd based in Fuzhou, CHINA.

  • Bioh - Dosage Pumps

    Disinfection involves disabling, removing or killing of pathogens present in the water that may be harmful to human health. It 'a widely used process in the field of water purification.

    By Bioh Filtration Srl based in Cinisello Balsamo (Milan), ITALY. from Disinfection Systems Product line

  • Cooling Towers & Water Storage Tanks

    Contaminated Cooling Towers and day storage tanks have been responsible for major outbreaks of severe gastric illnesses such as legionnaire and others caused by the Cryptosporidium organisms! Disinfection is essential for the maintenance of an efficient cooling water system. Pathogens must be removed from industrial process waters to ...

    By Aqua Sonic Management International Limited. based in North ipswich, AUSTRALIA.

  • UEL - Continuous Membrane Filtration System (CMF)

    Continuous Membrane Filtration (CMF) is a water treatment technology that utilises microfiltraion / ultrafiltration membrane to achieve removal of very small contaminants in water. A typical CMF system is made up of a membrane filtration unit and a membrane cleaning system.

    By CITIC Envirotech Ltd based in Singapore, SINGAPORE. from Other Products Product line

  • SkyHydrant - Model MAX SH-MAX1200 - Ultrafiltration Water Treatment Unit

    Nominal 12,000 ltrs/day using low turbidity feed water. Height: 143 cm. Depth: 18 cm. Width: 25 cm. KG (Dry): 13 kg. KG (Wet): 32 kg. Depth: 18 cm.

    By NW Solutions based in Perth, AUSTRALIA. from Ultrafiltration Units Product line

  • Microfiltration Membranes

    Microfiltration (MF) is a process which removes contaminants from a liquid by passage through a microporous membrane, physically excluding particulate matter. A typical MF membrane pore size range is 0.1 to 10 µm.

    By Esmil Process Systems Ltd based in High Wycombe, UNITED KINGDOM. from Membrane Technology Product line

  • DAICO - Ultrafiltration/Microfiltration System

    Ultrafiltration and Microfiltration are both pressure driven membrane separation processes that separate particulate matter from soluble components in the carrier fluid (such as water). UF membranes typically have pore sizes in the range of 0.01 – 0.10 µm and have a high removal cabability for bacteria and most viruses, colloids and ...

    By Daico Water Management based in Valrico, FLORIDA (USA). from Water Treatment Systems Product line

  • ASM-R inline Water Treatment Systems

    Introducing the future of in-line fluid disinfection systems Featuring ultrasound, ultraviolet and ozone/oxygen disinfection processes in one, compact and cost-effective  Turn Key system.

    By Aqua Sonic Management International Limited. based in North ipswich, AUSTRALIA.

  • SkyHydrant - Model GEM SH-GEM600 - Ultrafiltration Unit

    Nominal 6,000 ltrs/day using low turbidity feed water. Height: 82 cm. Depth: 18 cm. Width: 25 cm. KG (Dry): 9 kg. KG (Wet): 21 kg.

    By NW Solutions based in Perth, AUSTRALIA. from Ultrafiltration Units Product line

  • S&L FIBROTEX - Filter

    FIBROTEX® technology employs an expandable-bed fibrous filter element with a PLC. This enables the fibrous filter both to efficiently backwash itself automatically when fully loaded with solids, and to achieve exceptionally fine levels of filtration.

    By Smith & Loveless Inc. based in Lenexa, KANSAS (USA). from Water - Filtration Systems Product line

  • Nubian - Greywater Recycling System

    Greywater represents 40% to 60% of water usage in residential buildings such as hotels, apartment blocks and dormitories. It is the used water from showers, baths, hand basins and the laundry. Australia has the most rigorous greywater recycling approval standards in the world and, with Nubian’s systems approved for use in every Australian ...

    By Nubian Water Systems Pty Ltd. based in Silverwater, AUSTRALIA.

  • Watch - Model UF 2500 - Softener System

    The most innovative point of entry system for safe removal of pathogens and colloids from drinking water. A standalone unit with the smallest footprint, simple to install and easy to maintain. Provides more than 2000 liters of pure water per hour thanks to the state-of the art tubular membranes. No storage tanks, no pumps, no electrical valves. ...

    By Watch Water GmbH based in Mannheim, GERMANY. from Filtration Product line

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