Phosphate Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • mini LoP improved performance - Case Study

    mini LoP improved performance - Case Study

    Meeting very stringent total phosphorous requirements is a challenge for a treatment plant that is receiving wastewater from a dairy process. With a total phosphorous limit less than 100 ppb, a reliable, precise, highly accurate ortho‐phosphorous measurement is required to monitor and control the tertiary phosphorous removal process. Small town plants in the upper Midwest commonly encounter ...

  • Scanning success - Case Study

    Scanning success - Case Study

    Scanning Success: A multiparameter analyzer helps a Kentucky treatment plant step up to the plate and meet a new phosphorus limit in its permit In 2001, the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • On-site Orthophosphate Analyzer

    On-site Orthophosphate Analyzer

    Less reagents, simple service, better data - the revolutionary new Alyza wet chemistry platform from WTW. Alyza IQ PO4 is fully integrated into the IQ SENSOR NET as a sensor. The optimum solution to support phosphate elimination as well as monitor phosphate freight - on-site analyzer for orthophosphate measurement.