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  • Vocs Online Monitoring System
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    Vocs Online Monitoring System


    EQMS-200 VOCs online monitoring system adopts PID (photoionization detector ) for gas detection. The target gas is irradiated/bombarded by ultraviolet light produced by the ion lamp, and is ionized after absorbing ...

  • Snap-On Photoionizer
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    Snap-On Photoionizer

    By PID Analyzers, LLC.

    The Model 102 is a considerably upgraded replacement for our Model PI101, HW101, DL101, 101N, & IS101; It has enhanced features such as a faster response time, extended range, elimination of any moisture ...

  • Photo Ionization Detector (PID) Sensors
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    Photo Ionization Detector (PID) Sensors

    By GrayWolf Sensing Solutions

    GrayWolf’s portable and semi-permanent VOC meters, monitors are highly versatile, for low parts-per-billion ranges up to high PPM toxic VOC exposure ranges. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emanate from a broad ...

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    Phosphor Handbook, Second Edition

    A benchmark publication, the first edition of the Phosphor Handbook set the standard for references in this field. Completely revised and updated, ...

  • New Directions in Molecular Luminescence

    STP 822 covers the state of the art in molecular fluorescence and luminescence spectroscopy with respect to instrumentation, analytical methodology, ...

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  • Moores Glassworks LTD

    Moores Glassworks LTD

    Moores Glass are a leader in glass manufacturing and has been exporting glass all over the world for nearly 40 years. Today we enjoy a reputation for ...