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Articles & Whitepapers

  • PlugCo Sells to Qatar: Pipe Repair Accessories

    PlugCo Sells to Qatar: Pipe Repair Accessories

    Qatar has a vast network of pipelines. PlugCo has essential products for cleaning, maintenance and pipe repair of Qatar's pipeline network. Natural Gas Reserves in Qatar Qatar is the world’s third largest natural gas reserves and is the largest supplier of liquefied natural gas. The country has natural gas reserves at approximately 25 trillion cubic meters. It holds almost 14 percent ...

  • Fecal Suction Trucks

    Fecal Suction Trucks

    What is fecal suction truck The fecal suction truck which is mainly used for cleaning special vehicles in septic tanks and sewers. It mainly consists of a chassis, a tank body, and a suction device. ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Liquid Rejection Probe

    Liquid Rejection Probe

    The LRP (liquid rejection probe) contains a spring-loaded membrane filter together with a very sensitive check valve. It is intended for use on a natural gas pipeline to prevent common problems from damaging the analyzer attached to it. It is intended to be mounted on top of a demister.