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Pipeline Leak Detection equipment for Monitoring and Testing

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    DP-IR - Detector Pac-Infrared Uses Advanced Optical Technology

    State-of-the-art infrared measuring technology for gas pipeline testing applications. The DP-IR (Detector Pac-Infrared) uses advanced optical technology to achieve a detection sensitivity of 1 ppm by means of IR-CIPS (Infrared Controlled Interference Polarization Spectrometry). This innovative device combines the excellent measuring properties of ...

    By Hermann Sewerin GmbH based in Gütersloh, GERMANY. from Detector Pac-Infrared Uses Advanced Optical Technology Product line

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    Boreal Laser - Model GasFinder2-VB - Vehicle Based Gas Detector

    Boreal Provides The Solution To Mobile Gas Detection; Boreal has provided gas detection solutions to land based vehicles for the last 18 years. The analyzer combines GPS location data to give highly accurate positioning for fugitive emission leaks. The live read-out display and alarm provide the operator with instantaneous gas concentration data.

    By Boreal Laser Inc. based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Vehicle Based Gas Detector Product line

  • ProSurveyor - Model 634 - Gas Pipeline Leak Detector

    The KWJ Pragmatics Gas Pipeline Leak Detector Model 634 ProSurveyor, is a dual sensor methane and hydrogen gas leak detector specifically designed for DOT 2 and 3 gas pipeline leak surveys of underground and above ground transmission lines. Durable MOX sensors are paired and response balanced to eliminate nuisance water vapors and naturally ...

    By KWJ Engineering, Inc. based in Newark, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Gas Pipeline Leak Detector Product line

  • Intelligent Pipeline Surveillance System (IPSS)

    Modern pipeline management calls for pipeline integrity, real-time leak detection and threat identification. Silixa’s intelligent Pipeline Surveillance System (iPSSTM) utilises a single optical fibre cable and distributed sensing technology to monitor continuously the integrity of oil and gas pipelines against leak and threats.  The ...

    By Silixa Ltd based in Elstree, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • HYDREKA - Model DF Junior - Advanced Ground Microphone System

    Mechanical vibrations produced by leaks from buried pipelines are detected by the DF JUNIOR when its sensor is moved along the ground directly above the pipeline. The sensor transmits the vibration signal to the amplifier and the operator assesses the signal strength both audibly with headphones and visually from the amplifier galvanometor. The ...

    By Hydreka SA - A Halma Company based in Bât 2A, FRANCE.

  • Model 99 LD-2200 - Mechanical Line Leak Detector

    Guaranteed for 24 months from date of installation to detect a 3 GPH 10 PSI leak. Highest Flow Capacity. One-Way Poppet flow path. Reverse Ratio Piston / Poppet combination, pioneered in the 99 LD-2000. Smaller Volume - Faster Response piston size. Shortest profile leak detector available for 'tight' installations. All Fuels*: gasoline, diesel, ...

    By Vaporless based in Prescott Valley, ARIZONA (USA). from Mechanical Line Leak Detector Product line

  • Omnisens Lynx - Pipeline Leak, Ground Movement and Intrusion Detection

    Omnisens Lynx transforms a fiber optic cable into a continuous, real time monitoring system at minimal extra cost. This technique helps operators detect the earliest stages of threats to the pipeline, giving them time and information to enable an efficient response. An external fiber optic cable, often included during pipeline installation for ...

    By Omnisens SA based in Morges, SWITZERLAND.

  • Arudra - Model 00001 - Arudra Helium Leak Detection Services

    We also offer service of testing of minute leaks using Helium gas for equipments like Columns, Reactors, Exchanger, Vessels, Pipelines and Oil Platforms by positive pressure method. Typically, in these cases, we pressurize the equipment / pipeline with Nitrogen / Helium in the ratio of 90:10 to the testing pressure required by the client and check ...

    By Arudra HLD based in INDIA.

  • Dega - Model DV III-x - Leakage Detector

    DEGA DV III-x is used to measure leakage of ammonia into water in ducts, tanks, piping etc. The detection system of Ammonia leakage consists of the relevant DEGA DVA III-x detector, the interconnecting cable and the DEGA NZV III converter. The probe is a PH electrode in a housing adapted to be placed in a pipeline. The DEGA NZV III is located in a ...

    By Dega CZ s.r.o. based in Prague 3, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Leakage Detector Product line

  • SELMA - Gas Leak Detector Device

    SELMA is one of the most modern gas leak detector device. The main application is the Leak detection in gas pipelines, compressor stations and other potential sources of methane emissions. The principle of SELMA is a pulsating infrared laser, which is directed to the location to be examined.

    By Pergam-Suisse AG based in Zürich, SWITZERLAND.

  • SmartBall - Leak Detection Inspection Tool for Oil & Gas Pipelines

    The SmartBall inspection tool is an innovative verification of containment technology for oil, gas and petroleum products pipelines.

  • Leak Detection System

    Our Leak Detection System (LDS) combines a conventional mass balance system with innovative, proprietary rarefaction leak detection. Together, these patented technologies comprise the most comprehensive and cost-effective pipeline leak detection system available. The LDS is proven with near zero false alarms installed across 1000km+ of pipelines ...

    By CNIguard Ltd. based in Stanmore, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • ASI - Leak Detection System

    Acoustic Systems Inc Speciallzes in real-time pipeline monitoring using acoustic techniques which provide unique advantages for pipeline leak detection including: short time to detect, typically within one minute of ruputure, Leak localization typically to within +/-30 meters.

    By Acoustic Systems Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Odin - Battery Powered Pressure Data Logger

    Odin is an easy-to-use, offline, data acquisition unit, designed to provide leak and theft detection on pipelines in remote areas without poweror communications. This small, self-powered, low-maintenance unit attaches directly to the pipeline at any available tapping point with no need for external power or communication, whether it is in a plant, ...

    By Atmos International Inc. based in San Antonio, TEXAS (USA). from Battery Powered Pressure Data Logger Product line

  • Fuji - Model LNL-1 - Acoustic Data Logger System

    LNL-1 is an acoustic data logger system designed for detecting and monitoring leakage on water pipelines.

    By Fuji Tecom Inc. based in Chiyoda-ku, JAPAN. from Acoustic Data Logger System Product line

  • Sahara - Commissioning New Pipelines Leak Detection System

    The Sahara leak detection system pinpoints the location of very small leaks in pipelines of all materials. The leaks that cause pre-commissioned water mains to fail a hydrostatic pressure test are typically very small and therefore challenging to locate using conventional techniques. The Sahara system can find these leaks without having to divide ...

    By Pure Technologies - a Xylem brand based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Commissioning New Pipelines Leak Detection System Product line

  • ZCorr - Digital Correlating Loggers

    ZCorr is a network of Digital Correlating Loggers (DCLs) which pinpoint the exact locations of any leaks in one overnight surveillance. The easy-to-use ZCorr software revolutionizes the ease and accuracy of pipeline leak detection and pinpointing.  ZCorr lets the leak detection manager plan the placement of the ZCorr DCLs and analyze and ...

    By SubSurface Leak Detection, Inc. based in Incline Village, NEVADA (USA). from Digital Correlating Loggers Product line

  • Trunk mains leak detection

    Hydrosave is able to offer a comprehensive and market leading solution to trunk main management. There are three levels to our approach: designed to provide the optimal strategy for trunk main leakage management and cost efficiency.

    By Hydrosave based in Kettering, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Pragmatics - Model 627 ATV - Uniquedual Sensor

    The Pragmatics627 ATV with the uniquedual-sensor configuration enables the supersensitive metal oxide detector to give practical indications down to 1 ppm methane, rivaling the sensitivity of the more complex and expensive hydrogen flame ionization detector often used in this service. The Model 627 ATV is designed specifically for DOT Class 2 and ...

    By KWJ Engineering, Inc. based in Newark, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Uniquedual Sensor Product line

  • PVC Water Pipes

    PVC Water Pipes, TS 274-2 at 1452-2 standards produced as required Pressure PVC water pipes DIN 8061-8062 in various diameters ,pass Muffle and Muffle Adhesive ASTM 1477 standard, it can be produced in the appropriate thickness according to the safety factor. The pipes are used in the territory under the conditions and to withstand the drinking ...

    By Kuzeyboru based in Aksaray, TURKEY. from PVC Water Pipes Product line

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