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  • Plug Sliding Issue Solved by PlugCo

    Smart Plug by PlugCo Is Solving Plug Sliding Problem In The Pipeline Industry. An Innovative Product Is On The Way To Change Testing!For the pipe plug industry, it has always been problematic to calculate the real back pressure during a project implementation. This has led to many problems for the end-users in terms of occupational health and safety.Pl

  • High Speed Drones for ISR / OODA

    ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance)  SA (Situational Awareness) OODA (Observation, Orient, Decide, Act)“Situational awareness (SA) is the ...


  • Pipeline Repair Without Depressurizing

    Pipeline Repair Without Depressurizing

    The Petersen team has over 100 years’ experience designing and producing pipe plugs and flushers. Partnering with customers helps us continually advance our capabilities. We have positioned ourselves to be engineering problem solvers and ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Point Level Monitoring

    Point Level Monitoring

    Microwave barrier for contactless detection of dry bulk solids with filling-signal-suppression.