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  • How Dirty Are You? Part 5…Micropipette Tips

    Pipettes are common tools for drawing and dispensing precise volumes in chemical, biological and medical labs. Thanks to the invention of micropipettes and other techniques, we don’t do mouth pipetting anymore.Positive displacement pipettes are particularly useful because the air gap in standard micropipettes are replaced by capillary pistons, which greatly improve the accuracy fo

  • MIT community takes the Earth Day Challenge

    Take Action! Earn Points! Win Prizes! Written by Rachael Budowle, MIT Sustainability Program.You can read the original new in MIT NewsEarth Day has been reinvented at MIT. The Institute has a long ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • smart Blood DNA Midi prep (a)

    smart Blood DNA Midi prep (a)

    The smart Blood DNA Midi prep (a) is based on the unique SmartExtraction technology and allows an easy automation of DNA extraction from up to 3 ml of whole blood. Initially erythrocytes are lysed and PBMC’s are collected for further preparation. Pre-filled, sealed Reagent Plastics simplifies handling enormously and can be applied on InnuPure® systems, GeneTheatre or CyBio® FeliX ...