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  • Most Common Indoor Air Pollutants

    Most Common Indoor Air Pollutants

    Is the indoor air you breathe healthy? According to the World Health Organization, 40% of all buildings pose a serious health hazard due to indoor air pollution. The EPA calls indoor air pollution the #1 pollution problem in America.What Are The Most Common Indoor Air Pollutants? While there are a number of factors that can create air quality problems in a building, here are 9

  • The future of leak detection starts today

    For many water engineers the day in the office begins with a look at the screen. They can analyse the results of the nightly measurements of their fresh water pipelines in a few minutes and make ...


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  • Air Purifier

    Air Purifier

    Experts warn that breathing the air in our homes and workplaces is even more dangerous than outdoor air pollution. According to the EPA, indoor air is 2–5 times more polluted than outdoor air. And an indoor air pollutant is 1,000 times more likely to reach your lungs than an outdoor pollutant!