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Glass Microslides

by EMLab P&K     Office in Arvada, COLORADO (USA)

Made with hard, colorless, non-corrosive glass. Slides are precleaned to ensure spotless appearance. In packs of 72.

Slide Boxes

by EMLab P&K     Office in Arvada, COLORADO (USA)

Polypropylene box, holds 25 3 inch x 1 inch microslides.

FluxPak - Complete Flux Measurement System

by Applied Technologies, Inc. (ATI)     based in Longmont, COLORADO (USA)

The FluxPack System - FluxPak is a complete flux measurement package that uses the eddy covariance method and provides for the measurement of fluxes, such as sensible heat flux, momentum flux, and latent heat flux. The basic system comes with an ultrasonic anemometer, a computer and the FluxSoft software package. The basic system will provide ...

Model LD5200 - Distance-Read Controllers

by RLE Technologies (RLE)     based in Fort Collins, COLORADO (USA)

Protecting a facility from damaging leaks is an important part of any disaster mitigation plan.  The  LD5200 pairs superior leak detection technology with an easy-to-use interface.  This integration helps users quickly and efficiently establish a distance-read leak detection system that reliably protects valuable assets.

DR 3900 Benchtop

by GLI International, Inc. - a Hach Company Brand     based in Loveland, COLORADO (USA)

Compact benchtop VIS spectrophotometer with RFID technology for reliable and traceable measurement results of routine analysis and user applications. This system is designed to deliver accurate results by supporting the operator from sampling to sample preparation, sample analysis and documentation. By means of RFID technology you can trace your ...

Mount Sopris - Model Mini Series - Winch

by Mount Sopris Instruments     based in Denver, COLORADO (USA)

The “Mini” winch is a logging hoist, capable of positioning a geophysical probe or other tools in a borehole. The system is equipped with slipring and connections through which surface instrumentation can communicate with the probe. A precision measuring wheel and rotary encoder are also included to allow the amount of cable played out ...

ErtelAlsop - Filter Paper

by ErtelAlsop     Distributor in COLORADO (USA)

ErtelAlsop offers the widest variety of high quality specialty filter paper available. From laboratory to full-scale production, we can supply the best product for your liquid filtration application. ErtelAlsop can now offer Pharmaceutical Grade Filter Paper, specifically for use in critical applications. For many years filter paper has been ...

Model VM-3000 Series - Mercury Vapor Monitor

by Mercury Instruments GmbH, Analytical Technologies     Distributor in COLORADO (USA)

The VM-3000 Mercury Vapor Monitor measures the mercury concentration in gases continuously. It is used in the laboratory or can be installed at places where mercury has to be monitored. Industry people use the VM-3000 as well as university researchers or safety people. It is a great tool for plenty of different applications: work place monitoring, ...

Geotech - Model RemediAid™ - Soil TPH Test Kit

by Geotech Environmental Equipment Inc.     based in Denver, COLORADO (USA)

The RemediAid kit will determine Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons across a wide range of soil types and petroleum products, so it is ideal for use in the field. The system enables the user to run 10 tests concurrently, providing the potential to run 25 tests in one hour. RemediAid can also be calibrated to measure quantitative amounts of specific ...

Model AMAHW - Liquid Level Alarm Panel

by Orenco Systems Inc.     Distributor in COLORADO (USA)

The AMAHW liquid level alarm panel from Orenco Controls is a 120-VAC, stand-alone alarm panel with an automatic alarm reset function. It has a watertight enclosure rated for indoor or outdoor use. The AMAHW can be used as a remote alarm panel when supplied with a 120-VAC signal from a primary control panel.

Calgon Carbon Filtrasorb - Model 816-M - Gold Recovery Granular Activated Carbon

by Calgon Carbon Corporation     Distributor in COLORADO (USA)

FILTRASORB 816-M is a granular activated carbon (GAC) developed by Calgon Carbon Corporation for the removal of contaminants from municipal drinking water. These contaminants include taste and odor compounds such as MIB and Geosmin, organic compounds known to be precursors to disinfection byproduct (DBP) formation, DBP compounds such as haloacetic ...

Noise Barriers

by Innova Global Limited.     Office in Littleton, COLORADO (USA)

Industrial-grade metal sound barriers by Innova are an economical solution to lowering noise from industrial equipment. Strategically placed, our acoustic barriers can work with other acoustical measures to limit emissions from multiple noise sources at your facility.

BZG 40 - Colony Counter

by WTW - a xylem brand     Distributor in COLORADO (USA)

Colony counter to count microbial colonies in petri dishes - easy, quick and reliable counting with great ease of use.

AccuBubble - Electronic Gas Mixer Monitoring

by Claro Inc     Distributor in COLORADO (USA)

AccuBubble™ is an electronic monitoring system that fully automates the oversight of large gas piston-bubble mixers in anaerobic digester facilities. Continually tracking the performance of all digester mixers, AccuBubble ensures the efficiency of the mixing system and of the anaerobic digestion process for optimal biogas production and ...

Dry Sorbent Injection Systems

by ADA Environmental Solutions ((ADA-ES)     based in Highlands Ranch, COLORADO (USA)

Dry Sorbent Injection Systems will enable your facility to control SOx & HCl emissions and is a key component to achieving compliance strategy.  The ADA team has pioneered the most reliable DSI system in today’s market, using a conditioned air concept that improves material conveying for maximum system performance.   ...

Mount Sopris - Model MX Series - Winches

by Mount Sopris Instruments     based in Denver, COLORADO (USA)

The MX Winch is a logging hoist capable of positioning a geophysical probe or other tools in a borehole. The MX winch line is comprised of the 4MXA-1000, 4MXB-1000 and 4MXC-1000. The system is equipped with a slipring and connections through which surface instrumentation can communicate with the probe.

DR 1900 Portable

by GLI International, Inc. - a Hach Company Brand     based in Loveland, COLORADO (USA)

The DR1900 excels in the field because it is the lightest and most compact portable spectrophotometer. Your field testing takes you to potentially dusty and wet conditions where other equipment simply won’t be safe. The DR1900 is built for rugged conditions, and it’s flexible, --accepting the widest range of vial sizes. Built with ...

LemTec - Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) Removal

by Lemna Technologies, Inc.     Distributor in COLORADO (USA)

Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) removal is critical to wastewater treatment. The LemTec biological treatment process optimizes BOD removal to meet limits previously thought unattainable in aerated lagoon facilities. The LemTec system design minimizes temperature fluctuations and prevents the adverse treatment effects of peak flow events. The ...

CONVEX-D - Digital Tape Extensometer

by Roctest - part of Nova Metrix LLC     Office in Lakewood, COLORADO (USA)

The CONVEX-D is a digital tape extensometer which quickly and accurately measures changes in distance between two reference points in any orientation. This design incorporates several improvements compared to other convergence instruments available on the market.

PowerPAC Premium Plus - Flue Gas Mercury Control Activated Carbon

by ADA Carbon Solutions LLC     based in Littleton, COLORADO (USA)

This product has been optimized for flue gas mercury capture.  It incorporates advanced halogen treatment to improve the oxidation of mercury.  Its use is recommended in certain challenging applications including low-halogen flue gases when conventional halogenated Powdered Actived Carbons are inadequate.  Contact us to assist ...

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