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Model Uranus - Survey Vessel

by EUROSENSE     based in Wemmel, BELGIUM

Eurosense has put a new hydrographic survey vessel in operation. The vessel is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for highly accurate and cost effective survey work in shallow water. The extension of the current fleet of survey vessels allows flexible, fast and accurate services towards our growing number of customers.

ACI - Gastight Syringe

by Amchemteq,Inc     based in Port Matilda, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

1000 Series (100 µL - 100 mL Delivery Volume)1700 Series (1 µL - 500 µL Delivery Volume). 1700 Series (1 µL - 500 µL Delivery Volume). 1800 Series (1 µL - 250 µL Delivery Volume). .Super Syringe (50 mL - 2L Delivery Volume).

Mount Sopris - Model Mini Series - Winch

by Mount Sopris Instruments     based in Denver, COLORADO (USA)

The “Mini” winch is a logging hoist, capable of positioning a geophysical probe or other tools in a borehole. The system is equipped with slipring and connections through which surface instrumentation can communicate with the probe. A precision measuring wheel and rotary encoder are also included to allow the amount of cable played out ...

Video Cone

by Lankelma     based in Iden, UNITED KINGDOM

Lankelma’s video cone penetrometer with a recording camera element allows both us and our clients to get a closer look at the geology. The video cone is designed as a standard cone capable of measuring tip and friction sleeve resistance, with the addition of a camera located behind the cone. Sitting behind a sapphire window with adjustable ...

Biosensor - Antiox Biosens

by Biosensor     based in Formello, ITALY

The Antiox Biosens device is an electrochemical Biosensor based on Screen-printed Electrodes (SPEs) detecting antioxidant capacity from a biological mediator. Among the substances analyzed there can be especially food, juices and raw materials. The antioxidant capacity is based on generating lipid peroxides in presence of peroxyl radicals.

Biosensor - Fluo Biosens

by Biosensor     based in Formello, ITALY

Fluo Biosens is a modular biosensor instrument, characterized by 2 (until 6) independent cells for carrying out, simultaneously, fluorescence tests on several types of biomediators.

VeGA - Model 1-6940 - Control Valve

by Parcol S.p.A.     based in Canegrate (MI), ITALY

VeGA Cryo 1-6940 control valves are designed for very low temperatures (up to -196°C) encountered in the cryogenic industry and in natural gas liquefying plants (NGL).Made with materials selected specifically for this type of service, Vega Cryo valves are normally tested immersed in liquid nitrogen, using helium as the test fluid in accordance ...

Model B32FM - Self Priming Pump

by Idromeccanica Forani & Pecorari snc     based in Civitanova Marche (MC), ITALY

Series: B. Execution: Manual clutch. Delivery: 32 mm 1,1/4'. RPM: 1500 ÷ 2500.

Functions and Possibilities

by Medizin- und Labortechnik Engineering GmbH (MLE)     based in Radebeul, GERMANY

The autosampler can be used in diverse analytical techniques (AAS, TOC, FIA etc.). Another field of application of the autosamplers is sampling and sample preparation. The autosamplers can be configured in a highly variable way and adjusted to most diverse applications. The design can be matched to the respective analyser the autosampler is ...

Digi-Sense - Model WD-20250-14 - CFM/CMM Vane Thermoanemometer with NIST

by Dakota Instruments, Inc.     based in Orangeburg, NEW YORK (USA)

Digi-Sense's CFM/CMM Thermoanemometer provides precision air velocity and airflow measurements with seven user-selectable units and is ideal for meeting your environmental and cooling requirements. The user-friendly dual display provides simultaneous readings of air velocity or airflow and air temperature. The large dual-function 4-digit LCD with ...

MiniAir - Model Junior - Hand-Held Measurement Device for Air-Flow

by Schiltknecht Messtechnik AG     based in Gossau, SWITZERLAND

The portable measuring instrument MiniAir Junior is the appropriate device to measure flow velocity of gaseous media.This portable instrument combines high precision and easy manipulation. Therefore it is ideal for mobile control and measuring applications.

Model LD5200 - Distance-Read Controllers

by RLE Technologies (RLE)     based in Fort Collins, COLORADO (USA)

Protecting a facility from damaging leaks is an important part of any disaster mitigation plan.  The  LD5200 pairs superior leak detection technology with an easy-to-use interface.  This integration helps users quickly and efficiently establish a distance-read leak detection system that reliably protects valuable assets.

Kingsley Plastics - Model KD-1 - Single Door GRP Enclosure

by Kingsley Plastics Limited     based in Winkleigh, UNITED KINGDOM

External Dimensions: 560mm W x 400mm D x 650mm High - Single Door. Each roadside cabinet comes complete with the usual 100% guarantee from KPL and include the following items as standard: External High Gloss finish. 14-C-39 British Racing Green as Standard. IP55 as standard. Complete with a full internal bolt down flange. Single Door & open ...

Model P360 - Online Profile Measurement System

by Kurschat GmbH     based in Buchholz, GERMANY

High precision profile measurement in one compact system. Measurement of distance, thickness, radii, angles, deviation, etc. Symmetrical arrangement of the up to 6 laser sensors for a 360° capture. Simple calibration of the entire system with calibration fixture. Variable use in nearly all kind of production lines. Measurement range: 25 / 50 / ...

Model BW 124 PDH - Single Drum Rollers

by BOMAG (Great Britain) Ltd- FAYAT Group     based in Maidstone, UNITED KINGDOM

Fields of application: Minor works and medium-size compaction duties in road construction, car parks, trenches and backfill. D-series models are suitable for granular materials (sand, gravel, crushed rock), semi-cohesive soils and hydraulically bound materials. PD-series models are primarily used on cohesive soils with high water contents. All BW ...

DR 3900 Benchtop

by GLI International, Inc. - a Hach Company Brand     based in Loveland, COLORADO (USA)

Compact benchtop VIS spectrophotometer with RFID technology for reliable and traceable measurement results of routine analysis and user applications. This system is designed to deliver accurate results by supporting the operator from sampling to sample preparation, sample analysis and documentation. By means of RFID technology you can trace your ...

Mantech - Model 300mL - Automated BOD Analysers

by MANTECH INC.     based in Guelph, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Automates the BOD5 and BOD7 methods. Specifically designed for laboratories analysing a medium or large number of samples per day. Available with the standard 300mL bottles or 60mL bottles. Analyze BOD and CBOD in the same run. Easy to use PC-BOD software. Automatically adds seed, inhibitor and dilution water as required.

Tunnel Composting

by Ecomaster Atzwanger S.p.A     based in S. Maria la Longa, ITALY

One of the most advanced processes developed by Ecomaster is tunnel composting. Tunnels consist of large enclosed reactors, made of reinforced concrete, with floors equipped with integrated aeration systems. This technology allows better control of the biological process, which is monitored by sensors transmitting the various process variables to ...

Ground Gas Membranes

by Butek Landline     based in Billericay, UNITED KINGDOM

Five principal gas membranes are offered, each developed for specific applications including methane: Landflex ZR40 is a high performance reinforced aluminium foil polyethylene composite, most usually used in domestic housing and high risk ground gas situations. Landflex PEHD is a specially formulated HDPE often used in conjunction with gas ...

Wanshida - Model Y83/T-400 - Heavy Duty Scrap Car Baler/HMS baler

by Jiangsu Wanshida Hydraulic Machinery Company     based in Jiangyin, CHINA

1. Product Name: Y83/T-400 Heavy Duty Scrap Car Baler2. Application: Y83/T-400 New Safe and Reliable Hydraulic Press Machine is suitable for the steel plants, recycling companies, ferrous & non-ferrous metal smelting industry to compress metal scrap(steel parings, waste steel, waste copper & aluminum, waste stainless steel, scrap from discarded ...

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