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ACI - Gastight Syringe

by Amchemteq,Inc     based in Port Matilda, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

1000 Series (100 µL - 100 mL Delivery Volume)1700 Series (1 µL - 500 µL Delivery Volume). 1700 Series (1 µL - 500 µL Delivery Volume). 1800 Series (1 µL - 250 µL Delivery Volume). .Super Syringe (50 mL - 2L Delivery Volume).

Video Cone

by Lankelma     based in Iden, UNITED KINGDOM

Lankelma’s video cone penetrometer with a recording camera element allows both us and our clients to get a closer look at the geology. The video cone is designed as a standard cone capable of measuring tip and friction sleeve resistance, with the addition of a camera located behind the cone. Sitting behind a sapphire window with adjustable ...

Biosensor - Antiox Biosens

by Biosensor     based in Formello, ITALY

The Antiox Biosens device is an electrochemical Biosensor based on Screen-printed Electrodes (SPEs) detecting antioxidant capacity from a biological mediator. Among the substances analyzed there can be especially food, juices and raw materials. The antioxidant capacity is based on generating lipid peroxides in presence of peroxyl radicals.

Biosensor - Fluo Biosens

by Biosensor     based in Formello, ITALY

Fluo Biosens is a modular biosensor instrument, characterized by 2 (until 6) independent cells for carrying out, simultaneously, fluorescence tests on several types of biomediators.

Sonomecha - Model SC3500 - Ultrasonic Contact Transducers

by Sonomecha Technologies, Inc.     based in Irving, TEXAS (USA)

Sonomecha Contact Beam transducers are engineered to meet the toughest environment and application conditions. Sonomecha offers a wide variety of Contact Transducers in the frequency range of 2.25MHz to 5MHz and from 12mm (0.5inches) to 25mm (1.0 inch) diameter. The Contact Transducers adapt low loss pure hard alumina wear face that is ...

Model EL - Permeation Tubes

by FINE Metrology S.r.l.s.     based in ITALY

Type “EL” certified with accuracy of 5% available with special certification ±2% Range of permeation rate ±25% Dimensions in mm : diameter max 9; length max 84 + length of permeable tube proportional to desired permeation rate.

G-SLOG - Sensor Data Logging Board

by Geomatics USA, LLC     based in Gainesville, FLORIDA (USA)

Small, light, and scalable hardware. Interfaces to analog and digital devices. TTL logic (3.3 or 5.0 V). Removable storage. Arduino-based simple software with lifetime free upgrade

Ohio Lumex - Speciation Sorbent Traps

by Ohio Lumex Co., Inc.     based in Twinsburg, OHIO (USA)

Speciation Sorbent Traps are available for evaluations, research, comparison with CEMMs or Ontario Hydro, and Sorbent Injection Efficiency Studies. These 10mm, extra long, and extra durable sorbent traps come with 2 types of sorbent. One sorbent collects only oxidized mercury while the other collects the elemental mercury. Moisture resistance and ...

OxyGuard - Model DO - Oxygen Probe

by OxyGuard International A/S     based in Farum, DENMARK

The OxyGuard Standard Probe – the probe that revolutionised oxygen monitoring. The probe that you can purchase today is even better than the probe introduced in 1987 that helped revolutionize fish farming and make modern aquaculture the industry it is today.Today’s OxyGuard Standard Probe is hermetically sealed. If needed you can open ...

Model PUG-7N - Portable Neutron Survey Meter

by US Nuclear Corp.     based in Canoga Park, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Model PUG-7N is a cost-effective and accurate portable fast/slow neutron detector. This instrument incorporates our popular PUG-7 four-range survey meter along with a PNS-20 thermal neutron scintillation detector housed inside a moderator. The moderator consists of a polyethylene inner sleeve and a cadmium outer shield.

Wave and tide sensor 4648/R

by Aanderaa Data Instruments AS - a Xylem brand     based in Bergen, NORWAY

Wave and tide sensor 4648/4648R is a compact fully integrated sensor for measuring the wave and tide conditions. The 4648 sensor is designed to be mounted on the AADI SEAGUARD® using AiCaP CANbus or in other measurement systems using RS-232 interface. The 4648R sensor is designed for use with long cables by means of an RS-422 full duplex ...

Model 4L - Pesticide Analysis Grade Acetonitrile

by Concord Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd     based in Tianjin, CHINA

CAS No:75-05-8, Formula:C2H3N, Grade: Pesticide Analysis Grade, Model:4L Glass Bottle, Item Number:8002P-4.

Model EZ Blister - Small Scale Blister Packaging Machine

by SEPHA Ltd.     based in Belfast, UNITED KINGDOM

Small scale blister packaging machine for labs and facilities requiring low volume packaging solutions.

ANTARIS - Small Wind Turbines

by BRAUN Windturbinen GmbH     based in Nauroth, GERMANY

Permanent-magnet rotor, brushless, gearless, maintenance-free. Extremely strong permanent magnets for a high level of efficiency. (NdFeBo permanent magnets, resistent to temperatures up to 150° C). Special ball bearings for reliably taking up radial and axial forces. 3-phase current. Separate rectifier. Either direction of rotation. Voltage ...

Syscom - Model MR2002-24-16 - Strong Motion/Seismic Recorder

by BARTEC GmbH     based in Bad Mergentheim, GERMANY

Syscom Instruments – a pioneer in developing seismic measurement systems – have designed the MR2002 to meet and exceed your requirements.

Model MX-1 - Corrosion Gauges

by Dakota Ultrasonics     based in Scotts Valley, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The MX-1 will hold a single velocity, making it the perfect choice applications where only one material is being tested day after day. With the preset velocity in the gauge, you simply turn it on and go to work. The tool’s backlit display is easy to read, even in dim light conditions, and the unit operates for up to 200 hours on a single set ...

Hermle - Model Z 306 - Small Universal Laboratory Centrifuge

by Hermle Labortechnik GmbH     based in Wehingen, GERMANY

The small universal laboratory centrifuge offers a wide range ofapplications, which covers clinical laboratory requirements,research, as well as industrial laboratory use. The Z 306 offersmany accessories, including rotors for microtitreplates andhigh-speed fixed angle rotors for reaction vessels or centrifugetubes up to 50 ml.Additionally, swing ...

EMS - Enviro Cabins for Environmental Field Staff

by EMS Ltd. Environmental Marketing Solutions     based in Killyman, NORTHERN IRELAND

Our Enviro Cabins are available for the protection of the environment and the comfort and convenience of your team. They provide a safe and comfortable working environment, complete with a full electrical fit-out including heating and air-conditioning.

Bayonet Mount Thermocouples Sensor

by Thermometrics Corporation     based in Northridge, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Universal design allows for quick Thermocouple or RTD installation into existing twist-lock adapters.

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