Equipment & Solutions

  • Meteorological Thermometers
    Showcase Product

    Meteorological Thermometers

    By Felix Technology Inc.

    These devices are used for meteorology, geology, climate measurements, chemical analytics as well as industry and research applications..

  • In Situ Soil Psychrometers
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    In Situ Soil Psychrometers

    By ELITech Group

    The proven transducer in soil research programs, Wescor`s in situ soil psychrometers, model PST-55 are buried within the bulk soil to determine the soil water potential. The PST-55 has a stainless steel screen to allow ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • AZ Instrument Corp.

    AZ Instrument Corp.

    Established in 1991, AZ Instrument Corp. is specialized in the business of measuring instruments manufacturing. The first product line is the digital ...