Pump Flow Monitoring

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  • Reducing the threat of carbon soot – Case Study

    Reducing the threat of carbon soot – Case Study

    The U.S. government now recognizes that black carbon soot is the number two cause of climate change and the most important component of air pollution affecting our public health. This soot, caused mainly by the burning of fossil fuels and firewood, is often found in huge smog-like plumes known as "atmospheric brown clouds." According to a report commissioned by the U.N. Environment Program, ...


  • Determining the Pump Controls

    Determining the Pump Controls

    Before we discuss the topic of controls, it is important to understand that a metering pump takes external signals to turn on or off, as well as increase or decrease the flow capacity to meet the demand precisely. The signal to do these controls can ...

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  • Aethalometer


    Black Carbon Aerosol (BC) has recently been identified as a factor, second only to carbon dioxide, resulting in global climate change. Black carbon aerosol generates from the incomplete combustion of fossils and biomass fuels, such as motor vehicle exhaust, thermal power, forest fires and so on. Black carbon aerosols can strongly absorb natural light and have a significant effect on solar ...