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  • Precision Spectral Pyranometer
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    Precision Spectral Pyranometer

    By Geonica SA

    There are two generally accepted Classification Systems used for Pyranometers. ISO classifies pyra-nometers as a "Secondary Standards", "First Class" or "Second Class" while WMO uses "High Quality", "Good Quality" and ...

  • Secondary Standard Albedometer
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    Secondary Standard Albedometer

    By Geonica SA

    SRA20 albedometer is an instrument that can be used for measurement of the solar albedo. It is composed of two SR20 secondary standard pyranometers, the upper one measuring global solar radiation, the lower one ...

  • Pyranometer
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    By Hukseflux Thermal Sensors B.V

    SR03 is the fastest ISO 9060 second class compliant pyranometer available. Due to major advances in thermopile sensing technology, SR03 achieves a 95 % response time in just 1 second. SR03 is optimally suited for PV ...

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  • ML-02 Si-pyranometer

    EKO added a new Si-pyranometer to the range. The ML-02 is the smallest irradiance sensor ...

  • MS-60 First class pyranometer

    New and improved cost effective design recommended for standard global radiation measurements. ...

  • MS-40 Second class pyranometer

    Second Class pyranometer with improved specifications and no longer need to inspect ...

  • EKO newsletter Q1-2017

    With great excitement, we are happy to issue our first News Letter of 2017. Moving forward, we will ...

  • STR-21G-System

    The STR-21G-S is EKO`s new integrated measurement system to measure all Solar irradiance components ...

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