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  • Community Airport - Case Study

    Community Airport - Case Study

    Small airports are often only served by a wind sock, which are hard to see when you’re flying back into town. Dyacon weather stations can provide advisory information through text message and Weather Underground.The Preston, ID airport station is installed in sandy soil using stakes to secure the tripod. The weather station uses a rain gauge,


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  • Sunshine Sensor for Multi-Purpose Solar Radiation Sensor

    Sunshine Sensor for Multi-Purpose Solar Radiation Sensor

    The BF5 Sunshine Sensor is a versatile, multi-purpose solar radiation sensor. It uses an array of photodiodes with a unique computer-generated shading pattern to measure incident solar radiation. A microprocessor calculates the global and diffuse components of the radiation and determines the sunshine state. Two analogue voltage outputs give global and diffuse radiation, from which direct and ...