Radiation Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Why TEGAM Advises Against Infrared and For Contact Thermometers for COVID-19 Testing

    Why TEGAM Advises Against Infrared and For Contact Thermometers for COVID-19 Testing

    “I would like to order a million infrared temperature sensors” is the kind of request that a temperature measurement company likes to hear. In the response to COVID-19, many people are looking for solutions to monitoring people’s temperature and we have fielded several of these inquiries. TEGAM specializes in contact temperature measurement as oppo

  • Case-Study: Varanasi Smart City Monitoring

    Case-Study: Varanasi Smart City Monitoring

    Varanasi Municipal Corporation had to monitor the increasing pollution in the city, mainly due to increased tourism and infrastructure developments. Oizom along with Efkon India Pvt Ltd. deployed ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Simulated Radiation Survey Meter

    Simulated Radiation Survey Meter

    STS are pleased to announce that the Thermo RadEye(tm) G-10 and GF-10 Safe-Series simulators are now available as part of the Safe-Series simulation range. These all new simulators use a real unmodified Thermo RadEye with the GM tube removed and the STS simulation circuit added. The STS circuit generates pulses from the radio signal received from the simulated source and send these pulses ...

Upcoming Events

  • Waste Management 2020 Expo

    Waste Management 2020 Expo

    International Exhibition for municipal & industrial waste collection & recycling Waste Management 2020 will be conducted on 6-7 October 2020 in Kyiv, Ukraine, at ACCO International EC.The international forum is devoted to issues of legislative, financial and technological regulation of the waste management and has already become a platform for attracting investments and advanced technologies into ...