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  • Mann Kendall Trend Tests

    Mann Kendall Trend Tests

    The Mann Kendall Trend Test is sometimes also named as Kendall’s tau test or Mann Kendell Test (or M-K test). This test is utilized for the analysis of data that is collected for a sufficient period for representing a continuous increasing or decreasing trends in Y values. This test is non-parametric, and it applies to all types of distributions known ...


  • The Importance of Gas Detector IP Rating

    The Importance of Gas Detector IP Rating

    International Protection Ratings or IP ratings are an international standard of classifying products and providing detailed information about their features. When purchasing portable gas detection monitors, these ratings are crucial. Also known ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Customized Vertical Lidars

    Customized Vertical Lidars

    Raymetrics provides a range of highly customizable backscatter, depolarization and Raman LIDARs, designed to cover almost all of a very huge set or range of scientist`s requirements. Customers can select themselves components and build the entire system. (see below). ISO 9001:2015 certified.