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  • GENAQ: Water from the air

    GENAQ: Water from the air

    Do you know the working principle of GENAQ atmospheric generators? Its operation is similar to the rain process, that is, our generators extract water from the humidity of the air by condensation. We go one step beyond what nature generates in the form of rain making the water drinkable thanks to a specific water treatment, so that it is optimal for human consumption.All this procedure is carried ...


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  • UV System

    UV System

    Flow up to 189 m3/h. UV system with hygienic design of radiation chamber. For reliable disinfection and constant quality in your production process.

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  • Validation, Verification and Transfer of Analytical Methods

    Validation, Verification and Transfer of Analytical Methods

    Analytical methods and procedures should be validated to ensure reliability, consistency and accuracy of analytical data. Compendial methods should be verified to demonstrate the suitability of laboratories to successfully run the method and when methods are transferred between laboratories successful transfer should be demonstrated through testing. In case a laboratory wants to use an ...