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  • GA3000 monitors graves in Korea case study

    GA3000 monitors graves in Korea case study

    Application Research into gases produced by animal carcasses Equipment GA3000 Location Korea Customer A Korean government research facility supplied and supported by ENInstrument. Requirement Reliable continuous gas monitoring equipment was required for unsupervised monitoring of gas emissions over a three year project. Five ‘graves’ were specially constructed with a lining ...


  • EHEDG Membership for Bunting

    EHEDG Membership for Bunting

    Bunting has joined the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) following a rise in magnetic separator and metal detector projects for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The European Hygienic Engineering & Design ...

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  • J092


    Paper Making Sludge Drying This dryer is specially for drying paper mill sludge. In drying process, the will be kept. But the Heavy metals and pathogens will be reduced. Papermaking sludge is a bio-solid waste, which contains a large amount of cellulose-like organic matter and nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other plant nutrients, but also contains little heavy metals and pathogens. According ...