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Rheology equipment for Monitoring and Testing

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    Kurita GILUNAL - Model A - Sustainable Bonding for Starchy and Dextrin Containing Adhesive Systems

    Boron acid were still up four years ago as an indispensable additive for adhesive glues and for various industrial applications. When in 2011 Boron and its derivate were included in the candidate list SVHC (substances of very high concern) by ECHA as cmr-substances the manufacture and winding of cardboard cores and paper tubes and related ...

    By Kurita based in Tokyo, JAPAN. from Innovations Product line

  • ARES - Model G2 - Rotational Rheometer

    The ARES-G2 is the most advanced rotational rheometer for research and material development. It remains the only commercially available rheometer with a dedicated actuator for deformation control, Torque Rebalance Transducer (TRT), and Force Rebalance Transducer (FRT) for independent shear stress and normal stress measurements. It is recognized by ...

    By TA Instruments based in New Castle, DELAWARE (USA). from Rheology - Discovery Hybrid Rheometers Product line

  • Coatings for Sand Molds and Cores

    The high casting temperatures associated with steel foundries require careful selection of refractory materials to ensure full protection against metal penetration and burn-on defects.

    By Vesuvius plc based in London, UNITED KINGDOM. from Steel Foundry - Coatings Product line

  • Model G-Series - Liquid Polymer Systems

    AnCAT G (Gear) Series liquid polymer systems employ a 316 stainless steel rotary-gear-type metering pump to inject the neat liquid polymer into the four stage, hydraulic mixing circuit. G-Series AnCATs can process up to 600 GPD of Mannich/AMPAM or PAM solution polymer and up to 300 GPD of liquid polyacrylamide in the emulsion or dispersion form. ...

    By Norchem Industries based in Mokena, ILLINOIS (USA). from Liquid Systems Product line

  • Viton FreeFlow - Model Z200 - Processing Aid for Polyolefins

    Viton FreeFlow Z200 is a processing aid for polyolefins combining an improved rheology fluoroelastomer with a highly thermally stable surface active agent to provide outstanding process aid performance through the full range of polyolefin processing conditions. Viton FreeFlow Z200 eliminates melt fracture, reduces die pressure and torque, reduces ...

    By Tomark Industries, Inc. based in Glen Mills, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Viton Free Flow Product line

  • Crystal - Model DWS - Thermal Analysis Spectroscopy System

    Rheolaser Crystal uses the Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy principle (DWS). Light is scattered by the particles, creating an interference pattern (Speckle Image). The variation of this image is directly related to the motion of the particles: the faster they move, the faster the Speckle Image changes. By a mathematical analysis of this variation, ...

    By Formulaction based in Toulouse, FRANCE. from Micro Rheology Product line

  • Fluidicam - Microfluidic Rheometer

    Viscosity is an essential property to characterize fluid behavior at flow. FLUIDICAM is designed to measure flow curves of products with various consistency (liquids, gels or semi-solid emulsions…) by combining microfluidic and imaging technologies. Viscosity as a function of shear rate and temperature is measured in a single click ...

    By Formulaction based in Toulouse, FRANCE. from Rheology on Chip Product line

  • RPA Process - Model UCP™ - Ultimate Continuous Processor

    Continuous extrusion machine.A continuous extrusion machine is a piece of equipment that serves chemical, polymerization or crystallization processes that are very demanding. Our engineers designed the UCP with innovative technologies that will consistently help your production process develop and excell. The twin screw system in the continuous ...

    By RPA Process Technologies based in Nanterre, FRANCE. from Mixing & Extruding Product line

  • OptiMISER - Pipe & Profile Extrusion System

    Eliminating stress cracking and problems is just one of the benefits you get with The OptiMISER System. Using proven algorithms for each material property, The OptiMISER System’s formulation program can design unique blends that actually enhance your pipe or profile products and the processability of your blends.

    By Advanced Blending Technologies, LLC based in Tiffin, OHIO (USA).

  • Dispersants for Oil & Gas

    Kemira is a leading manufacturer and provider of dispersant technology that is sold into a number of markets including white pigments, industrial minerals, water treatment, ceramics and oilfield drilling muds.

    By Kemira Water Solutions, Inc. based in Atlanta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Oil & Gas Product line

  • Model K176HD - Full Power Graffiti Remover for Porous Surfaces

    Full Power graffiti remover for porous surfaces which removes spray paint on the first pass, removing the need for harsh anti-ghosting products. Full Power breaks the graffiti up without dissolving it. This prevents the graffiti from soaking into the wall. The broken up flakes of paint are then easily removed with a pressure washer without leaving ...

    By Selden Research Limited based in Buxton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Graffiti Removers Product line

  • EPO-TEK - Model B9126-8 - Single Component

    A single component, thermally and electrically conductive, epoxy adhesive designed for semiconductor die attach and circuit assembly applications. Its unique features are a pot-life of several days, low temperature cure and syringe dispensing rheology. It can be used for electrical connections when bonding chips, S2v£Ds: PCBs and substrates.

    By Epoxy Technology, Inc. based in Billerica, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Electrical Products Product line

  • GraviProbe - Free Fall Penetrometer

    The GraviProbe is a free fall impact instrument, analyzing the underwater sediment layers during intrusion. Under its own weight it accelerates and penetrates fluid and consolidated mud layers. The geotechnical and density conditions of the soil layers are determining the probe’s dynamical behavior. The data acquired from on-board ...

    By dotOcean nv based in Brugge, BELGIUM.

  • Model DensX - In Situ Mud Density Measurement System

    The DensX is a high accurate in situ mud density measurement system. It measures mud densities between 1.0 T/m³ and 1.5 T/m³ with an accuracy of 0.25 %. The technology is based on X-ray and is a direct measurement method. With a sampling speed of 10 Hz the system supports fast profiling. The X-ray technology does not ...

    By dotOcean nv based in Brugge, BELGIUM.

  • Model MS-DWS - Coatings Drying Analyzer

    The very first commercial instrument based on MS-DWS technology, Rheolaser COATING, enables monitoring of microstructure changes during the film formation process. It identifies the drying mechanisms and characteristic drying times on any kind of substrate and any thickness. It works on any kind of film-forming products or coatings, such as inks, ...

    By Formulaction based in Toulouse, FRANCE. from Micro Rheology Product line

  • Model MS- DWS - Microrheology Analyser

    Our microrheology analyser use MS- DWS (Multi-Speckle Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy) principle of measurement. It corresponds to Dynamic Light Scattering extended to concentrated dispersions. It measures the particles Brownian motion, which depends on the viscoelastic structure of the sample. This technique consists in sending a coherent laser beam ...

    By Formulaction based in Toulouse, FRANCE. from Micro Rheology Product line

  • Thickeners and Rheology Additives

    We offer a variety of thickeners and rheological additives on different bases such as polyurethane or polyacrylate and other polymers. For whatever purpose  - just ask us. We are sure to find the right product for you.

    By Applied Chemicals International Group (ACAT) based in Vienna, AUSTRIA. from Chem Tech Product line

  • Viton FreeFlow - Model Z100 - Processing Aid for Polyolefins

    Viton FreeFlow Z100 is a processing aid for polyolefins that eliminates melt fracture, lowers extrusion pressure, reduces amperage and torque, and reduces die buildup. Viton FreeFlow Z100 combines an improved rheology fluoroelastomer with a surface active agent to provide a more highly efficient process aid blend than previously available. As a ...

    By Tomark Industries, Inc. based in Glen Mills, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Viton Free Flow Product line

  • Derypol - Model C 1400 - Rheology Modifier

    Properties: Thickening agent for any kind of suspension or dispersion where a viscosity increase at neutral or basic pH is required. Compatible with all kind of aqueous emulsion resins. Capable of keeping pigments suspended. After 24 hours a stable viscosity is reached. The product does not undergo sedimentation over time.

    By Derypol, S.A. based in Barcelona, SPAIN. from Paper Product line

  • Secar - Model 41 - Calcium Aluminate Cement

    Secar 41 was introduced to the North American market in 1987 in response to the refractory industry's requirement for a low range cement with a lower iron content than Ciment Fondu.  This cement, containing 6% iron oxide, has also found applications in the civil and construction chemistry industries due to its more flowable rheology and ...

    By Kerneos Inc. based in Chesapeake, VIRGINIA (USA). from Ciment Fondu Product line

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