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rheology (Rheology) equipment

  • Arkema - Rheology Modifiers

    Rheology modifiers for the control of sedimentation and sag resistance! For rheology control, Arkema offers the formulator a wide range of products based on castor oil derivative and a variety of chemistries such as amide, urethane, oxidised polyethylene, to achieve the following performance properties:

    By Arkema Group based in Colombes Cedex, FRANCE. from Coating Resins Product line

  • Claytone - Model 6900 - Rheology Modifier

    CLAYTONE 6900 is a dispersion of swollen particles of a unique synthetic wax. It is easily incorporated into many vehicles and/or solvents and develops an exceptionally strong and long lasting ,thixotropic structure. For Better finess and performance can select FRGEL 6900 PA WAX.

    By Hangzhou Sino-Holding Chemicals Co.,Ltd. based in Hangzhou, CHINA. from Rheological Additive Product line

  • Protex - Rheology Chemicals

    Additives which help control the rheology of a formulation.

    By Protex International based in Levallois-Pari, FRANCE. from Specialty Chemicals Product line

  • Model HF - Rheology Agent

    White powder solid, non-toxic, no side effects on human body. It is insoluble in organic solvents such as ethanol, acetone and carbon tetrachloride, insoluble in water, acid and alkali resistance. Soluble in Hot Chlorinated hydrocarbons, alkanes and aromatic solvents, but the solubility is not large, the solution is easy to precipitate or form ...

    By Hangzhou Sino-Holding Chemicals Co.,Ltd. based in Hangzhou, CHINA. from Specialty Chemicals Product line

  • Thickeners and Rheology Additives

    We offer a variety of thickeners and rheological additives on different bases such as polyurethane or polyacrylate and other polymers. For whatever purpose  - just ask us. We are sure to find the right product for you.

    By Applied Chemicals International Group (ACAT) based in Vienna, AUSTRIA. from Chem Tech Product line

  • Premium

    Kurita Gilunal - Model A - Sustainable Bonding for Starchy and Dextrin Containing Adhesive Systems

    Boron acid were still up four years ago as an indispensable additive for adhesive glues and for various industrial applications. When in 2011 Boron and its derivate were included in the candidate list SVHC (substances of very high concern) by ECHA as cmr-substances the manufacture and winding of cardboard cores and paper tubes and related ...

    By Kurita based in Tokyo, JAPAN. from Innovations Product line

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    Dürr Megtec - Benchtop Process Tools

    In-house drying lab: A bench-top system that captures complete drying characteristics of coated substrates from small-size samples. The system enables our process engineers to track rates of evaporation for water and organic solvents, along with determining the drying time required to reach target solvent or moisture residuals in the product. The ...

    By Dürr Systems, Inc. based in De Pere, WISCONSIN (USA). from Development Center Product line

  • Viton FreeFlow - Model Z100 - Processing Aid for Polyolefins

    Viton FreeFlow Z100 is a processing aid for polyolefins that eliminates melt fracture, lowers extrusion pressure, reduces amperage and torque, and reduces die buildup. Viton FreeFlow Z100 combines an improved rheology fluoroelastomer with a surface active agent to provide a more highly efficient process aid blend than previously available. As a ...

    By Tomark Industries, Inc. based in Glen Mills, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Viton Free Flow Product line

  • Viton FreeFlow - Model Z200 - Processing Aid for Polyolefins

    Viton FreeFlow Z200 is a processing aid for polyolefins combining an improved rheology fluoroelastomer with a highly thermally stable surface active agent to provide outstanding process aid performance through the full range of polyolefin processing conditions. Viton FreeFlow Z200 eliminates melt fracture, reduces die pressure and torque, reduces ...

    By Tomark Industries, Inc. based in Glen Mills, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Viton Free Flow Product line

  • EPO-TEK - Model B9126-8 - Single Component

    A single component, thermally and electrically conductive, epoxy adhesive designed for semiconductor die attach and circuit assembly applications. Its unique features are a pot-life of several days, low temperature cure and syringe dispensing rheology. It can be used for electrical connections when bonding chips, S2v£Ds: PCBs and substrates.

    By Epoxy Technology, Inc. based in Billerica, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Electrical Products Product line

  • Secar - Model 41 - Calcium Aluminate Cement

    Secar 41 was introduced to the North American market in 1987 in response to the refractory industry's requirement for a low range cement with a lower iron content than Ciment Fondu.  This cement, containing 6% iron oxide, has also found applications in the civil and construction chemistry industries due to its more flowable rheology and ...

    By Kerneos Inc. based in Chesapeake, VIRGINIA (USA). from Ciment Fondu Product line

  • Suspend-IT - Suspension Enhancer

    SUSPEND-IT is an easy mixing biopolymer additive used to control drilling fluid rheology.

    By CETCO based in Kings Norton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Drilling Products - Polymers & Additives Product line

  • Discovery - Model HR-3 - Hybrid Rheometer

    The new Discovery Series Hybrid Rheometer (DHR) represents the latest technological breakthroughs from the world leader in rheology. It combines a patented advanced drag cup motor, a second generation magnetic bearing, force rebalance transducer (FRT), and the new patent-pending True Position Sensor (TPS) in a single-head Hybrid rheometer. The DHR ...

    By TA Instruments based in New Castle, DELAWARE (USA). from Rheology - Discovery Hybrid Rheometers Product line

  • Automated Coatings Formulation and Testing System

    Labman delivered a flexible three module system capable of producing and testing development samples of coatings to a large international coatings manufacturer. Using liquid raw materials the preparation module can produce over 100 samples in a day with orders of addition controlled by the user. These samples can be moved to the application module ...

    By Labman Automation Ltd based in Stokesley, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model MS-DWS - Coatings Drying Analyzer

    The very first commercial instrument based on MS-DWS technology, Rheolaser COATING, enables monitoring of microstructure changes during the film formation process. It identifies the drying mechanisms and characteristic drying times on any kind of substrate and any thickness. It works on any kind of film-forming products or coatings, such as inks, ...

    By Formulaction based in Toulouse, FRANCE. from Micro Rheology Product line

  • Model GLO DEFLOC 1000 - Polymeric Deflocculant Liquid

    GLO DEFLOC 1000 (Polymeric Deflocculates Liquid) manufactured by Global drilling Fluids and Chemical Limited is a modified Tannin Based Compound. Its versatile mud conditioner and Drilling Rheology Controller also is an effective High temperature fluid loss controller and is Highly Soluble over a large range of Temperatures

    By Global Drilling Fluids & Chemicals Limited based in Faridabad (Delhi NCR), INDIA. from Dispersants / Deflocculants Product line

  • CETCO - Model C-Lube - Vegetable Oil Based Lubricant

    CETCO C-LUBE is vegetable oil based lubricant for water based drilling fluids. CETCO C-LUBE is a filming type lubricant that reduces rotational torques and drag. It enhanes lubricity of water based drilling fluids without adversely altering rheology.

    By CETCO based in Kings Norton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Drilling Products - Polymers & Additives Product line

  • Model PC-Series - Liquid Polymer Systems

    AnCAT PC (Progressive Cavity) Series liquid polymer systems are designed for liquid polymers with unique properties and unusual rheologies. PC-Series AnCAT systems can process up to 288 GPD of an extremely viscous or difficult to handle emulsion or dispersion polymer products. Like their D and G-Series counterparts, PC-Series systems can deliver ...

    By Norchem Industries based in Mokena, ILLINOIS (USA). from Liquid Systems Product line

  • Hasler - Model UCP 25 - Continuous System

    Imagine a development tool that offers you thousands of combinations to create your recipes and check the feasibility. The UCP 25 is a solution that integrates your development in a continuous mode. It off ers the double advantage of expanding your development possibilities and preparing an industrial phase with off ering a simple extrapolation. ...

    By Hasler Group based in Pont-Evêque, FRANCE. from Solutions - Processing Product line

  • Dobraszczyk - Roberts Dough Inflation System

    Measure pressure and volume - Dough extensional rheology made simple. Bakers have always characterised dough by hand kneading and stretching to assess its quality, and know that baking performance is related to these rheological properties.

    By Stable Micro Systems based in Godalming, UNITED KINGDOM. from Attachments & Accessories Product line

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