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  • Portable Electronic Nose
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    Portable Electronic Nose

    By PCA Technologies SRL

    PEN3 is the essential electronic nose for food and pharmaceutical industries (quality control purposes as well as for environmental monitoring (recognition of emission sources).  It is a small, fast and robust ...

  • High Temperature Sample Diluter
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    High Temperature Sample Diluter

    By J.U.M. Engineering GmbH

    The Model 108 dilutes an introduced sample gas in a 1:10 (standard), or a 1:100 (optional) dilution rate to allow the linear measurement of hydrocarbon concentrations above several thousand ppm up to 10% and above. The ...

  • Fully Automatic Random Access Analyzer
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    Fully Automatic Random Access Analyzer

    By KPM Analytics

    SAT 450 is a fully automatic, random access analyzer designed to support the modern laboratory in achieving improved cost efficiency, reduced rerun and manual handling. Up to 450 tests/hour including I.S.E. It provides ...

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  • GD Environmental Supplies, Inc

    GD Environmental Supplies, Inc

    GD Environmental Supplies, Inc. is a provider of GC and GCMS inlet systems for VOC analysis. Dr. Dai, the founder of GD Environmental. has over 30 ...