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Scientific Instruments equipment for Monitoring and Testing

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    Tankvision - Model NXA83 - Inventory Management Multi Scan

    Acquires data from field instruments and communicates data to other system (Modbus or OPC). The Multi Scan NXA83 scans parameters from tank gauges and performs tank calculations as one part of Tankvision. For a step by step site upgrade, the Multi Scan allows legacy protocol management as well as gradual upgrades for more flexibility. Tankvision ...

    By Endress Hauser AG based in Reinach, SWITZERLAND. from System Products Product line

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    STS - Ultra Fine Platinum Wire Assemblies

    STS produce ultra fine platinum wire assemblies for use in both our own and other manufacturers detection units. Fine platinum wires (down to 10 micron) are welded onto detection assemblies to produce a corona discharge sensor. STS fine wire products include Corona Point Assemblies, Wire Wound components and Strain Gauges. Corona Point Assemblies: ...

    By Safe Training Systems Ltd. (STS) based in Wokingham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Fine Wire Assemblies Product line

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    MiniLab - Model EL Series - Comprehensive Engine Oil Analyzers

    Engine oil analysis is a reliable and mature non-destructive testing (NDT) technique used to monitor the condition of the engine in development, on the production line and for in-service maintenance. High performance reciprocating engines and jet turbines are complicated mechanical systems with many high speed moving parts.

    By Spectro Scientific based in Chelmsford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from MiniLab Series Analyzer Product line

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    TurnkeyLab - Model ITL - Complete Condition Monitoring Solution

    The Spectro Scientific Industrial Tribology Laboratory (ITL) is a turnkey system that provides a complete lubricant analysis condition monitoring solution. The measurements made using the Industrial Tribology Laboratory determine lubricant and machine condition, the core of any effective predictive maintenance system. Spectro Inc.’s ITL ...

    By Spectro Scientific based in Chelmsford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Full Size Oil Lab Product line

  • CSI - Model Soft IC - Soft Intermittent Contact Modes

    Concept Scientific Instruments has developed an alternative measurement mode called Soft Intermittent Contact mode (or Soft IC)  that combines the advantages of contact mode and force spectroscopy but prevententing  from their inconvenients like friction forces or intrinsic slowness.

    By CSInstruments based in Les ULIS, FRANCE. from AFM Modes - Other AFM Modes Product line

  • Rexon - Model RP-400 - Plastic Scintillators

    Plastic Scintillators offer high performance, ease of handling, mechanical stability at a relatively low cost.  The versatility of plasticscintillators makes them the ideal choice for large area and specially shaped detectors.  RP-400 (having the same formulation as NE 102A) is truly the general purpose scintillator that has been the ...

    By Rexon Components, Inc. based in Beachwood, OHIO (USA). from Plastic Scintillators Product line

  • Automatic Industrial Voltage Stabilizer

    PowerCom INDUSTRIAL VOLTAGE STABILIZER (IVS) Is designed with solid state electronic controls and protecting circuits. The regulation is performed automatically causing a step less continuous operation with high regulation and fast response time. IVS is the suitable protective device for all industrial equipments. It not only provides with stable ...

    By Power Control & Management ltd based in Mirpur, BANGLADESH.

  • RamSpec - Deep-Cooled Benchtop Raman Spectrometers

    BaySpec’s RamSpec™ series Raman spectrometers are turn-key solutions designed for best-in-class performance and long-term reliability. Integrating an ultra-sensitive, deep-cooled transmission spectrometer, a class 3B laser source, an optional integrated computer and fiber connectivity, the RamSpec™ offers a high-performance ...

    By BaySpec, Inc. based in San Jose, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Raman Spectrometers Product line

  • Micro-Shot - Model ME11 - Digital Microscopes

    Digital biological microscope ME11 is consists of basic biological microscope and digital camera in 3 megapixels. It can connect with computer to view and capture your microscope imaging for biological specimen, This digital microscope employs plan achromatic objectives and wide field eyepieces. Good optical system makes the image clear and vision ...

  • PrinCE-C - Model 700 Series - Capillary Electrophoresis Systems

    At Prince Technologies we’ve been working hard to provide cutting edge compact instruments to the scientific community. We’re proud to present the fully automated PrinCE-C 700 Series, powerful integrated Capillary Electro-Chromatography systems, which allow the user more hands off time. Flexible, modular and suitable for almost any ...

    By Prince Technologies B.V. based in Emmen, NETHERLANDS. from Capillary Electrophoresis Systems Product line

  • Model BOT-3000E - Digital Tribometer

    The BOT-3000E Digital Tribometer, from Regan Scientific Instruments, is a highly precise, digital instrument capable of measuring the dynamic and static coefficient of friction (COF) of walkway surfaces in the lab and in the field. It is the only device qualified for use with ANSI A326.3 “American National Standard Test Method for Measuring ...

    By Regan Scientific Instruments based in Carrollton, TEXAS (USA).

  • Model LEA-S500 - Elemental Analyzer

    LEA-S500 – is a modern powerful atomic - emission spectral instrument with multichannel spectrum registration, combining in itself innovation technologies in the area of laser, spectral, measuring, digital equipment and software and permitting elemental (chemical) analysis of a sample in minutes. The detectable elements are from H to U, ...

    By SOL instruments Ltd based in Minsk, BELARUS. from Analysis - Elemental Analysis Product line

  • VSI - Ecosystem Respiration Chambers

    One approach for estimating ecosystem respiration are chambers, either (i) enclosing the entire ecosystem (e.g. a mesocosm, smaller plant communities such as grasslands) and directly yielding net ecosystem CO2 exchange (NEE) or (ii) chambers which enclose only some ecosystem component (e.g. leaves, soil, etc.) and thus require some additional ...

    By Vienna Scientific Instruments GmbH based in Alland, AUSTRIA.

  • Metallographic

    For 75 years, Buehler has been a leading manufacturer of scientific instruments, supplies, and laboratory furniture for use in materials analysis. Buehler products are used to analyze all types of solid materials, including ceramics, metals, composites, glass, rock and plastic.

    By Kamstec International based in Karachi, PAKISTAN.

  • Water Meters

    A water meter is a scientific instrument for accurate measurement of quantity of water distributed to the consumers. It also fulfils the need to know accurately the water produced and distributed. It differs from flow meter in respect of the following points. 1.It is a quantity meter and not a flow rate meter. 2.Water meter is a mechanical device ...

    By R.R. Flowmeters Pvt. Ltd based in Hyderabad, INDIA.

  • Prosolia - Flow Probe

    The thrill of the hunt is often what drives the most significant cutting-edge research. Our goal is to empower researchers to become bolder in their approach to the unknown—to grasp what was once just out of reach and to expand what is possible in the lab. Those aspirations are now closer than ever thanks to the new potential that ...

    By Prosolia, Inc. based in Indianapolis, INDIANA (USA). from Other Products Product line

  • Model 150 - General Type Phoenix

    The Phoenix 150 is a simplified version of SEO's Phoenix 300 Contact Angle Analyzer. The Phoenix 150 is lighter and has a smaller footprint than the Phoenix 300. The Phoenix 150 was specifically developed with Quality Assurance and provides convenient contact angle measurements for evaluation of surface treatments and cleanliness. The Phoenix 150 ...

  • Model HK - air pump

    Air Pump is different with Air Blower on the mechanism so produce the air flow smaller than Air Blower. Air pump are used broadly on the no-industry applications due to Compact & Low noise benefitsApplications:*Oxygen supply for fish tanks and ponds *Ozone frequency therapeutic equipment. *Bubble bath *Air cleaner *Air bed *Food and drug ...

    By Enfound Enterprise Co., Ltd. based in Taipei, TAIWAN. from Water Aeration Systems Product line

  • Blue Robotics - Model BlueROV2 - Underwater ROV System

    The BlueROV2 is the world’s most affordable high-performance underwater ROV. With six- and eight-thruster configurations, a number of available accessories, and open source software, it has an unprecedented level of performance, flexibility, and expandability. With several thousand units out in the field, the BlueROV2 is one of the ...

    By Blue Robotics Inc. based in Torrance, CALIFORNIA (USA). from BlueROV2 Product line

  • airQlog - 19` Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Datalogger

    airQlog 19“ Data Logger for Saving, Managing, and Displaying Data from Various Air Quality Monitors and Sensors airQlog – Saving, Managing, and Displaying Data from Various Air Quality Monitors and Sensors. The airQlog is an innovative system to collect and control data from various air quality sensors. Its key feature is the use of ...

    By mlu-recordum Environmental Monitoring Solutions GmbH based in Wiener Neudorf, AUSTRIA. from mlu-recordum Product line

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