Scintillation Counting

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  • Portable Scintillation Counter
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    Portable Scintillation Counter

    By Delta Epsilon Instruments Inc..

    The SC-133 scintillometers feature a contemporary state of the art approach, while incorporating many well proven design elements that just make a great deal of sense in a field worthy scintillometer. The Delta Epsilon ...

  • Portable Liquid Scintillation Counting System
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    Portable Liquid Scintillation Counting System

    By Continental Hydrodyne Systems, Inc.

    The SSS-12P Manual Liquid Scintillation Counting System accurately and quantitatively measures Carbon-14, Tritium and most other radioactive materials. The SSS-22P is a portable liquid scintillation counting device for ...

  • X-Ray Diffractometer
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    X-Ray Diffractometer

    By GNR Srl

    APD 2000 PRO diffractometer is an high power - Theta/2Theta - laboratory powder X-Ray Diffractometer equipped with all the most moder technical features which grant accuracy, precision, safety and easiness of use for ...

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