Sewer Flow Monitoring

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  • Pipe Balloon Types and Usage

    Pipe Balloon Types and Usage

    Balloon plugs (or inflatable pipe plugs) expand to temporarily isolate pipes during a repair or in the case of a leak or a crack. Our regular inflatable pipe plug has different names in various countries depending on their usage. Some of the names are plug stopper, inflatable stopper, sewer stopper, sewer cushion, pipe balloon, pneumatic pipe balloon, pipe bladder, bag sewer cushion, flow ...

  • Safety of Inflatable Pipe Stoppers

    Inflatable Pipe Stopper is mainly for temporarily blocking and stopping the flow in the pipe lines. These flows can be sewer, storm water, gas or oil. Also, they can be used for gravity pipelines ...


  • Custom Mining Plugs

    Custom Mining Plugs

    Fleximake are one Australia’s leading suppliers of high-quality, state of the art flexible products for uses across a range of different sectors. We use sustainably sourced textiles and plastics to create products that can be used in the ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Vortexing Baffle System for Water Surface Control

    Vortexing Baffle System for Water Surface Control

    Some things grab our attention and continue to fascinate us. The force of a whirlpool, whether in a natural setting or in the toilet is one such phenomenon. And then there are those things that we see and exclaim "That is so simple, why didn't I think of it?" Both of these occurrences usually have in common a level of sophistication and physical modeling that is just beyond our grasp until it is ...