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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Novel Techniques for Containment

    Novel Techniques for Containment

    Abstract: Recently published scientific papers feature various aspects of pandemic “star” Coronavirus 19. This virus has significantly changed pharma research and production in a variety of unique ways. This white paper will focus on how research/production efforts might fail under the threats of highly contagious disease viruses, bacteria, and highly active ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Compact Optical Gas Imaging Camera

    Compact Optical Gas Imaging Camera

    EyeCGas Mini is the world’s most compact and simple to operate leak detection infrared camera. This uncooled OGI camera offers multiple models which can detect Methane, SF6, Ammonia, R134 and more. With features such as wireless communication, data streaming, Image fusion, thermography, video & audio recordings. The EyeCGas Mini will revolutionize the way inspections are held.