Shallow Water Monitoring

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  • 2016 Student Equipment Loan Program

    2016 Student Equipment Loan Program

    Sea-Bird is happy to announce the recipients of the 2016 Graduate Student Equipment Loan Awards.Michael Acquafredda is a graduate student at Rutgers University. He will be using two WET Labs ECO FLNTUs and one WET Labs Water Quality Monitor at ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • RBC Flume, 0.1-8.7 litre/sec.

    RBC Flume, 0.1-8.7 litre/sec.

    RBC flumes are used to measure the quantity of water that, for instance, flows through an irrigation channel. By comparison to known flumes, such as the WSC- and the Parshall flume, the RBC flume is the most accurate. The RBC flume has been specially designed for use in smaller water ways or earthen channels (irrigation channels, in- outlets, furrow, ditches, etc.). The RBC flume is a simple and ...