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  • Silica-Very High on OSHA’s Inspection List

    Silica-Very High on OSHA’s Inspection List

    Summary of OSHA RegulationSeparate regulations were issued for Construction (29CFR1926.1153) and General Industry/Maritime (29CFR1910.1053).The general provisions to both regulations are generally the same:Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) over an 8-hour shift is 50 mg/M3 of air.Action Level of


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  • Sievers Boron Analyzer

    Sievers Boron Analyzer

    Continuous, online monitoring of boron with Sievers UPW Boron Analyzer. The Sievers Boron Analyzers enable continuous, unattended online monitoring of ultra-low levels of boron in deionized ultrapure water applications. It`s able to run 10 samples per hour and has a limit of detection (LOD) of 15 ppt boron. The Sievers Boron Analyzer is designed to meet the needs of facility managers, DI water ...