Siloxanes Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Biogas Derived from Food Waste AD Plant - Case Study

    Biogas Derived from Food Waste AD Plant - Case Study

    STS installed the first monitor on a food waste AD plant in 2017. The plant in the UK is run by a water company and is co-located with a waste water sewage works although this is not used as feed for the Combined Heat & Power generation units.

  • Siloxane Monitor Installed

    Siloxane Monitor Installed

    STS have now completed the installation and commissioning of the first Siloxane Monitoring unit for Southern Water /Clarke Energy at the Millbrook Waste Water Treatment Works. The monitor has been ...


  • Landfill and Biogas gas monitoring

    Landfill and Biogas gas monitoring

    Landfill and biogas provide a source of readily available and renewable energy. However, as a source of energy care has to be taken to understand and quantify impurities in the raw gas that can have an effect on either the amount of energy products, ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Semi-Portable Siloxane Monitor

    Semi-Portable Siloxane Monitor

    The STS Semi-Portable monitor is a variant on the fully installed GRP package.  The monitor itself is identical to the fixed monitor but it is housed in a more portable wheeled pelicase enclosure. This package lends itself to be moved between sites where shorter term monitoring can be carried out to establish the status of carbon filters. This means that users who may have smaller filters ...