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  • miniSODAR


    The miniSODAR is a high-frequency Doppler sodar system that was designed to measure the atmospheric wind profile from 15 meters to 150/200 meters (data is often available to 250 meters) in 5-meter increments. It operates by generating a short tone burst (30 ms to 100 ms) in the frequency range of 4 kHz to 6 kHz. It monitors the low-level acoustic signal echoed by the atmosphere. The echo is ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Flat Array Sodar

    Flat Array Sodar

    The Scintec SFAS is a very compact acoustic profiler for the measurement of wind and turbulence up to 500 m above the ground. The operation is based on the reflection of acoustic pulses at temperature inhomogeneities in the air with subsequent doppler analysis.