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Solid Phase Extraction equipment for Monitoring and Testing

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    Supelclean - Model EZ-POP NP - Multi-Bed Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Cartridge

    This multi-bed solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridge offers superior cleanup for the extraction of non-polar persistent organic pollutants (POPs), specifically heavy and light polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), from edible oil matrices such as olive and corn oil.

    By Merck based in Darmstadt, GERMANY.

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    LiChrolut EN columns - Solid-phase extraction (SPE) for chromatographic analysis

    - Saves time and solvent - Higher recoveries without the formation of emulsion - High precision of analytical results by using disposable cartridges - Use of common organic solvents, buffer solutions, acids and bases over the entire pH-range - Possibility for automating the entire process LiChrolut® EN was especially developed for application ...

    By Merck based in Darmstadt, GERMANY. from Sample Preparation for Chromatography Product line

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    Empore Plates

    The Empore solid phase extraction (SPE) membrane technology used by our Empore well plates integrates solid phase sorbent particles within a network of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fibrils.Sterlitech carries a wide array of Empore SPE 96 well plates, including: Empore silica sorbent well plates like the C8-SD and C18-SD plate models; ...

    By Sterlitech Corporation based in Kent, WASHINGTON (USA). from Solid Phase Extraction Product line

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    Empore Cartridges

    Labs consistently rely upon Empore SPE membranes because of their time and money-saving attributes, not to mention their sample throughput. Sterlitech carries a wide assortment of Empore solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridges featuring this Empore SPE membrane technology, including: Silica sorbent cartridges like the Empore C8-HD, Empore C8-SD ...

    By Sterlitech Corporation based in Kent, WASHINGTON (USA). from Solid Phase Extraction Product line

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    Empore Disks

    Sterlitech carries a wide assortment of Empore SPE disks featuring Empore SPE membrane technology, which seamlessly incorporates solid phase sorbent particles within a network of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fibrils.From Empore C18 and C8 disks, Anion exchange disks, carbon disks and Empore cation exchange disks, to chelating disks, oil & grease ...

    By Sterlitech Corporation based in Kent, WASHINGTON (USA). from Solid Phase Extraction Product line

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    Chromalite - Model CGA100X4 - Chromatographic Separation, Solid Phase Synthesis, Extraction And Bio-Separation

    Chromalite® CGA100X4 is a strong basic (type I) anion exchange resin for fine pharmaceuticals. Chromalite® CGA100X4 is a polystyrene crosslinked with 4% divinylbenzene. Differently for similar products on the market Chromalite CGA resins are supplied in highly pure form (very low extractables content) and do not require ...

    By Purolite Corporation based in Bala Cynwyd, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Chromalite Anion Product line

  • Analtech - Activated Carbon SPICE(TM) Sample Preparation Cartridges (pkg 48) 01-97

    Analtech SPICE Cartridges are prepacked with adsorbent and ready for use. Molded of medical grade polypropylene, each cartridge contains 1 cc of packing. A porous frit and outlet filter combination contain the packing and will remove sample particulate down to 10 microns.In normal use SPICE sample preparation cartridges are compatible with organic ...

    By iChromatography/Analtech based in Newark, DELAWARE (USA). from SPE Products Product line

  • Aurora Biomed VERSA - Solid Phase Extraction Columns and Plates

    Aurora Biomed offers a wide selection of solid phase extraction (SPE) columns available for use in any industry sector to provide consistent results. Available in 1,3 and 6mL columns as well as 96-well plate formats, Aurora Biomed offers sorbents made of silica, carbon aluminum oxide and resin for all of your normal phase, reverse phase and ion ...

    By Aurora Biomed Inc. based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Automated Liquid Handling Product line

  • ACI - Americlean Reversible Cartridges

    Americlean reversible polypropylene tubes are used in trace enrichment, for both forward and reverse flows. The standard size is 2.0 mL capacity with 500 mg of Ameripure sorbents. Other sizes are available as custom products.

    By Amchemteq,Inc based in Port Matilda, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Products Product line

  • ACI - Model DNPH - Carbonyl Compounds Cartridges

    This is a special phase for the enrichment of carbonyl compounds. In this phase silica is impregnated with 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine (DNPH). The cartridges are packed in vacuum sealed bags for protection. Carbonyl compounds are adsorbed as 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine derivatives. The hydrazones can be eluted with acetonitrile from the cartridges. ...

    By Amchemteq,Inc based in Port Matilda, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Products Product line

  • Strata - Silica-based SPE Sorbents

    With over 25 chemistries to choose from, Strata Silica SPE products provide a wide range of diversity for customized method developmen.

    By Phenomenex, Inc. based in Torrance, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Sample Preparation Product line

  • Aurora Biomed VERSA - Automate Entire Solid Phase Extraction Protocols Including Derivatization

    VERSA Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) workstations fully automate SPE workflow from cartridge conditioning to sample derivatization on a single deck with innovative modules. With options to have both Positive Pressure and Vacuum Manifold, VERSA ensures efficient flow of samples and reagents through cartridges. The combination of ReagentDrop, ...

    By Aurora Biomed Inc. based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Automated Liquid Handling Product line

  • Speedy - Automated Solid Phase Extraction System

    The Zinsser Analytic Speedy is an automated Solid Phase Extraction system that can operate with 96-well format filter plates or with 1-5 ml cartridges. The SPEEDY can operate with either a vacuum-based SPE system or a positive pressure system that addresses the inherent drawbacks of the 96-well format that is traditionally run with vacuum.

    By Zinsser North America, Inc. based in Northridge, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Automated Liquid Handling Platforms Product line

  • Model Quadra4 - Liquid Handling

    With over 40 years of experience in automated liquid handling, the Tomtec Quadra4 is the latest  of a best in class rugged, cost effective liquid handling workstation for life science work-flows.  The workstation is engineered around a reliable fixed-head air displacement syringe design which services a six station shuttle.  The six ...

    By Tomtec Inc based in Hamden, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Liquid Handling Product line

  • Oasis Sample Extraction Products

    Combining revolutionary sorbents with innovative hardware, Oasis® sample extraction products are the preeminent choice in solid phase extraction (SPE). Chosen for their reliable and highly selective performance, Oasis products are used by separation scientists across the globe to solve the most difficult sample preparation challenges. Researchers ...

    By Waters Corporation based in Milford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Columns and Consumables Product line

  • Model Xcel-I - Clean Screen

    Clean Screen Xcel solid phase extraction columns are designed to reduce the number of steps in an extraction. The result is a column that reduces sample prep times and minimizes the quantity of solvent required. Additional advantages include reduced sample size and improved cleanliness and recovery. CLEAN SCREEN XCEL® I: Extracts a wide array ...

    By United Chemical Technologies based in Bristol, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Solid Phase Extraction Columns Product line

  • MicroLute BioVyo - Cosinter SPE Plate

    BioVyon Co-sinter products are made using a solid-state media created from an ultra-pure and highly modified polymeric material with the lowest levels of extractables and leachables. Our proprietary BioVyon™ technology allows high-purity silica resins to be supported in a matrix which provides a high surface area whilst reducing ...

    By Porvair Sciences Limited based in Wrexham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Solid Phase Extraction Product line

  • PromoChrom - Model SPE-01 - Solid Phase Extraction System

    SPE-01 solid phase extraction system is designed for automatic sample cleanup in analysis of food and environmental samples. It can be used for pesticide residue and drug residue analysis in food samples and for analysis of pollutants in soil samples. SPE-01 can automatically fulfill all the necessary actions for solid phase extraction and column ...

    By PromoChrom Technologies Ltd. based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Model SPE - Solid Phase Extraction System

    Performing Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) manually can be time consuming, tedious, and difficult to achieve acceptable recovery and reproducibility due to sample variability. If SPE can be reliably automated, it becomes a much more efficient and reproducible process. GERSTEL has now automated the process using the MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS) with an ...

    By Gerstel Inc based in Linthicum, MARYLAND (USA). from Liquid Chromatography Products Product line

  • Gilson - Model GX-271 ASPEC - Flexible SPE and Precise Liquid Handling System

    Flexible SPE and precise liquid handling that can be integrated with HPLC - all in one convenient package. The innovative mobile racks allow you to automate sample preparation steps before or after SPE, and the unique sealing caps allow for positive pressure extractions, which are more precise and robust.  With the optional GX Direct ...

    By Gilson Inc based in Middleton, WISCONSIN (USA). from Automated Systems - Solid Phase Extraction Solutions Product line

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