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Sonar Equipment

  • Sub-Angstrom Technology

    A-Metrics has developed an innovative linear measurement device that operates as a basic transducer for sensors. The device can be used in a wide range of applications including seismic infra wave detection, minute barometric pressure changes, sonar, and medical imaging technologies. The A-Metrics transducer converts the linear displacement of a ...

    By A-Metrics LLC based in Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • SeaBat - Model 7130 - High Resolution Forward Looking Sonar System

    The SeaBat 7130 is a High-Resolution Forward-Looking Sonar System designed specifically for 12 ¾ inch (approx. 324mm) AUVs/UUVs. The SeaBat 7130 operates at 200 kHz and 635 kHz illuminating a wide, 120° horizontal sector ahead of the Sonar Head Assembly. The high frequency 635 kHz provides high-reso­lution classification ...

    By Teledyne RESON A/S based in Slangerup, DENMARK. from SeaBat Multibeam Echosounder Product line

  • Rubber Molded (RM)

    Our standard Rubber Molded Series typically consists of an in-line female neoprene connector mated to a glass reinforced epoxy (XS) bulkhead connector. Various sizes are available ranging from single contact connectors up through 12 contact connectors. Most are available with pins and sockets reversed to help prevent mismating of connectors, which ...

    By SEACON based in El Cajon, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Electrical Dry-Mate Product line

  • Echosounder 800

    The ES800 echo sounder is a state of the art military depth sounder, designed, developed and manufactured by J+S. It has been accepted into service by the Royal Navy and is currently being installed on all surface ships and submarines. Its design incorporates COTS components and an open architecture, thus reducing through life support costs and ...

    By J+S Limited based in Devon, UNITED KINGDOM. from Defence Product line

  • Sentinel Intruder Detection Sonar

    Sentinel IDS is a new Intruder Detection Sonar designed to counter the threat of underwater attacks against naval and merchant ships, large yachts, harbours, coastal industrial installations and offshore oil platforms. Its introduction follows a major investment in engineering and acoustic technology by Sonardyne, a recognised world leader in the ...

    By Sonardyne International Ltd. based in Hampshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Teledyne BlueView - Model M900 - 2D Multibeam Imaging Sonar

    The industry's most compact, full featured 2D Multibeam Imaging Sonar available. Engineered to fit in small, tight spaces the M Series is 30% smaller than the popular P Series, and delivers the same crisp, real-time sonar imagery.

    By Teledyne BlueView, Inc based in WASHINGTON (USA). from Teledyne BlueView 2D Multibeam Imaging Sonar Product line

  • CEEPULSE™ - Model 100 - Compact and Indestructible Single Beam Echo Sounder

    CEEPULSE™ is an entry-level echosounder with a difference. Using survey-quality components throughout, and programmed with the latest CEE HydroSystems advanced bottom tracking algorithm, consistent and highly accurate results inspire confidence. Incorporating many of the features available on larger echosounders, the CEEPULSE is CEE ...

    By CEE HydroSystems™ based in Sydney, AUSTRALIA. from Echo Sounders Product line

  • SONARtrac - Model VF-100 - Passive Sonar Flow Meter

    The SONARtrac VF-100 is the original passive sonar flow meter and serves as the technology platform for the SONARtrac product line. The VF-100 provides accurate and repeatable volumetric flow measurements for applications such as clear or dirty liquids and slurries, as well as corrosive and erosive liquids and gases.

    By CiDRA Corporate Services Inc based in Wallingford, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Flow Measurement Product line

  • Echotrac - Model CV200 & CV300 - Hydrographic Echo Sounder

    Odom delivers the perfect union of flexibility and technology viewed through a user-friendly networked Windows interface.  Alongside the advance features and options that make the Echotrac MKIII such an outstanding product, the CV brings users to the next level by providing an optional third acoustic channel.  Whether it’s ...

    By Teledyne Odom Hydrographic, Inc. based in Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA (USA). from Single Beam Echosounders Product line

  • SeaBat - Model 7128 - Flexible Underwater Imaging System

    The SeaBat 7128 is a forward-looking multibeam imaging system. It’s ideal for shallow-water imaging applications, generating hi-res images even when your vessel is sailing at speed. But if you want to go deeper, you can install it on an ROV and still get hi-res images at 6,000 metres below sea level. And because the system is unaffected by ...

    By Teledyne RESON A/S based in Slangerup, DENMARK. from SeaBat Multibeam Echosounder Product line

  • Hondex Digital Depth Sounders

    Available in two models, one features a built-in transducer and the other features an external transducer on a 12´ cable. Waterproof to a depth of 150´ (50m) both sounders measure depths in feet or meters in a range of 1.8´ to 260´ (0.6m to 79m). The transducer sends high frequency pulses to the bottom of a body of water where these pulses are ...

    By Forestry Suppliers, Inc. based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA). from Water Depth Sounders/Instruments Product line

  • Eno Scientific - Model 1100 - Well Watch for Semi-Permanent Well Water Monitoring Instrument

    The Well Watch 1100 is a state-of-the-art semi-permanent well water monitoring instrument. It requires no external equipment for configuration settings, and it is capable of logging, storing, and downloading over 14,000 data points. The product consists of a small mountable control unit and a probe. The separate probe allows the display unit to be ...

    By Eno Scientific based in Hillsborough, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • Teledyne BlueView - Model M900-2250 - Dual Frequency Imaging Sonar

    Teledyne BlueView's M900-2250 series includes a 900kHz with 130 degree field of view and 2250kHz with 130 degree field of view in a compact package. The M900-2250-130's field of view has been increased by over 125% from the previous dual frequency model.

    By Teledyne BlueView, Inc based in WASHINGTON (USA). from Teledyne BlueView 2D Multibeam Imaging Sonar Product line

  • Side Scan Sonar System

    Side scan sonar is one of the most effective tools for underwater exploration because it can search a large area quickly and produce a detailed picture of anything on the bottom, regardless of water clarity.  When looking at a side scan image it appears as if the water has been removed and the operator is getting an unobstructed view of the ...

    By J W Fishers Manufacturing Inc based in East Taunton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Sonar Systems Product line

  • Model CSW-7 - Portable Electric Winch

    The CSW-7 is a portable electric winch designed for oceanographic and geophysics applications. This model is capable of lifting and lowering most instrumentation payloads (500 lbs typical). It is used to perform CTD profiling, side scan sonar or magnetometer towing, and Rosette water sampling.

    By A.G.O. Environmental Electronics Ltd. based in Victoria, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Electric Winches Product line

  • Model SP2512 - Pipe Profiling-Sonar

    SP2512 Pipe Profiling Sonar Real Time continuous scanning over a full 360°in 1 second Windows user-friendly software with USB hardware minimises training time Direct capture to Hard Disk for high resolution image save and restore Dual tracking cursor for accurate on-screen measurements 360º Internal Pitch and Roll sensors Quadrature and ...

    By PH & Associates based in Rapperswil, SWITZERLAND.

  • Teledyne BlueView - Model BV - 3D Multibeam Scanning Sonar

    Teledyne Blueview's 3D Multibeam Scanning Sonar create high resolution, laser-like, imagery of underwater areas, structures and objects of interest, even in low to zero visibility conditions.  The 3D system is simple to deploy, easy to operate, provides highly detailed 3D point clouds with minimal training from a tripod, an ROV, surface ...

    By Teledyne BlueView, Inc based in WASHINGTON (USA). from Teledyne BlueView 3D Multibeam Scanning Sonar Product line

  • Premium

    Valeport MIDAS - Surveyor GPS Echosounder

    The MIDAS Surveyor has been designed to offer a low cost solution for small scale hydrographic surveys. The system is supplied with a 210kHz transducer as standard, and uses Valeport's own advanced digital signal processing techniques to ensure high accuracy and reliable bottom tracking. With an integral SBAS enabled DGPS receiver, the MIDAS ...

    By Valeport Ltd based in Totnes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Echosounders and Bathymetry Instruments Product line

  • BioSonics - Model DT-X - Digital Scientific Echosounder

    The BioSonics DT-X Digital Scientific Echosounder is the industry standard used by hundreds of researchers and resource managers worldwide. The DT-X is suitable for a wide range of fisheries and oceanographic assessment applications including fish stock assessment, bathymetric surveying, substrate classification, and submersed aquatic vegetation ...

    By BioSonics, Inc. based in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • BioSonics - Model DT-X SUB - Echosounder System

    The BioSonics DT-X SUB Echosounder System is a completely self-contained echosounder solution for autonomous deployments where cabling to the surface may be cost-prohibitive or impractical. DT-X scientific echosounder technology is packaged in a pressure rated housing that is adaptable for deployment via AUV, ROV, or seafloor observatory platform.

    By BioSonics, Inc. based in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA).

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