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  • Advanced Fabrication Technology

    Advanced Fabrication Technology

    Hyperion Optics has over a decade of experience in optical and mechanical design, manufacturing, and optical assembly. With the rapid growth in the photonics market and an increasing demand for precision and accuracy, we have heavily invested in our fabrication technology in order to better serve the optics community.Hyperon Optics has expanded its fabrication capabilities through employing ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • ICP-MS for Efficient Routine Analysis

    ICP-MS for Efficient Routine Analysis

    The robust system for efficient and stable characterization of high matrix samples: Outstanding plasma robustness for high matrices. Minimized drift at changing matrix load. Efficient interference management with outstanding ease of use.  

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  • 5-day Hands-on Complete GC & GC-MS

    5-day Hands-on Complete GC & GC-MS

    This course provides the theory of the GC and MS essential to any participant, along with the hands-on practical element in the laboratory to practice and re-enforce the theoretical knowledge. These courses are 50% theory and 50% practical in a lab environment. This course addresses gases and plumbing, sample introduction, analytical columns, GC detectors (FID and ECD), mass-spectrometry and data ...