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Specac Omni Cell - Liquid Transmission System

by Specac Limited     Office in Swedesboro, NEW JERSEY (USA)

OMNI Cell Sytem for Liquids, Mulls, Cast Films, and Viscous Liquids. Specac’s Omni Cell System presents a novel approach for the analysis of liquid, mulls, pastes, and cast film samples in UV, Vis, NIR, and IR transmission spectroscopy, with one cell mount being suitable for all applications. This transmission cell is specially designed to ...

Specac - Ambient Temperature Cell Holder

by Specac Limited     Office in Swedesboro, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Ambient temperature 3” by 2” slide mounted cell holder designed to accommodate Specac's Advanced Liquid or Solid Transmission Cell and Spectroelectrochemical Cell products. This holder allows the liquid or solid sample cell to be held in place within a spectroscopic instrument for UV, Vis, NIR, or Infrared spectroscopic ...

Specac - Advanced Liquid Transmission Cell

by Specac Limited     Office in Swedesboro, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Specac offers a range of Advanced Liquid Transmission Cells in sealed, demountable, static, and flow configurations to allow liquid samples to be studied at temperatures other than ambient. A choice of window materials allow for spectral analysis in the UV, Visible, NIR, and IR. These cells are intended for use with Specac’s transmission ...

HORIBA - Model VS7000-CCD-HS - Miniature CCD Spectrometer

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Distributor in NEW JERSEY (USA)

VS7000-CCD-HS Miniature CCD Spectrometer. Available for US OEM customers only, High-performance fiber optic spectrometer for OEM volumes: UV-VIS (200–860 nm), VIS (380–750 nm), and UV-NIR (200–1050 nm), High-speed electronics (770 spectra/s), High throughput (f/2.8), Ultra-low stray light, Ideal for industrial low-light ...

Model EXPANDO - Gas Transmission Flow Cells

by Solvias AG     Office in NEW JERSEY (USA)

EXPANDO transmission flow cells are ideally used where greater optical path lengths are required to determine small concentration using a spectrometer. Areas of application are gas analysis and trace analysis in liquids.

InfraLUM - WholeGrain Analyzer

by Lumex Instruments Group     Distributor in NEW JERSEY (USA)

InfraLUM WholeGrain Analyzer is a near-IR FT spectrometer designed for laboratory analysis of basic properties/constituents of grain, such as protein, fats, moisture, sugar, cellulose, starch, fibres, etc.

ATR - Immersion Probes

by Solvias AG     Office in NEW JERSEY (USA)

ATR technology (Attenuated Total Reflectance) allows us to take advantage of the total reflection of the light transmitted from an optically dense medium to a less dense medium. The light at the boundary layer (sapphire/liquid) penetrates approximately a quarter of the wavelength into the less optically dense medium, where it can be absorbed. With ...

Diffuse Reflectance Immersion Probes

by Solvias AG     Office in NEW JERSEY (USA)

Reflectance Immersion Probes: For the analysis of heterogeneous systems or solids, we offer a complete range of reflection probes. The TURBIDO, REFLECTOR, REFLECTOR FLUSH and ALBEDO products represent an entire range of probes, mainly distinguished by the number of fibers they use internally.

Biotech/Food Adapted Liquid transmission Flow Cells and Immersion Probes

by Solvias AG     Office in NEW JERSEY (USA)

BIOPRO transmission flow cells and ZAFIRO BIOFIT transmission immersion probes are of remarkable quality due to the careful selection of materials by Solvias for all the wetted parts. Their CIP/SIP-compliant design meets the most challenging demands for reliable application in sterile production.

Model FLEX - Transflection Immersion Probes

by Solvias AG     Office in NEW JERSEY (USA)

Solvias transflection probes have literally dozens of applications – in multi-purpose plants, in fermentation, or in organic-chemical process development – and thereby provide the user with a high degree of flexibility. For reaction monitoring in transmission mode, the optical path length must be easily and quickly adjustable to ...

Liquid Transmission Flow Cells and Immersion Probes

by Solvias AG     Office in NEW JERSEY (USA)

Transmission Flow Cells: For measurement of concentrations of transparent liquids directly within the pipe, we use MONITOR, ARGUS, MINIPLANT or CALILAB measuring cells, all of which have patented optics. The optical path length can be varied from 1 to 20 mm with a simple adjustment of the distance bolt.  Based on the heatable CALILAB flow ...

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