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Spectrometry services for Monitoring and Testing

  • Services

    Metallurgical consultants. Technical support on spectrometers. Old and demo instrumental sale.

    By Sirio analitix S.r.l. based in Lodi, ITALY.

  • Adsorbents

    QUANTACHROME provides the following test methods for the characterization of adsorbents (active carbon, zeolite, MOFs, silica gels and others:

    By Quantachrome GmbH & Co. KG based in Munich, GERMANY.

  • Fibres of Different Origin

    QUANTACHROME provides the following test methods for the characterization of fibres of different origin: Image analysis (fibre size and shape with the various linear dimensions for the specification of fibres with  the analyzers: OCCHIO ZEPHYR, OCCHIO SCAN600, OCCHIO 500nano, OCCHIO FC200, CILAS   EXPERT SHAPE

    By Quantachrome GmbH & Co. KG based in Munich, GERMANY.

  • EMP - Analysis of Catalysts

    The company applies the following methods to analyze structure of the catalysts used: specifying analysis. chemical analysis. Quite often clients misunderstand the purpose and essence of these two different analyses.

    By EMP Recycling based in Vilniaus, LITHUANIA.

  • Cosmetics and Drugs

    The phrase 'cosmetics and drugs' collectively refers to a very complex group of substances.

    By NILU - The Norwegian Institute for Air Research based in Kjeller, NORWAY. from Chemical Analyses Service line

  • Consulting Services

    Considerable hands-on and application-specific experience with vacuum equipment that covers the vacuum spectrum from 'rough' to 'ultra high', from 100 Torr to 1e-11 Torr. Vacuum equipment knowledge encompasses mechanical pumps, Roots boosters, oil diffusion pumps, turbomolecular pumps, ion pumps, cryogenic pumps, titanium sublimation pumps with ...

    By Redragon Oil & Gas Systems International Inc. based in Ontario, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Mass Spectrometer Services

    Jaytee believe in in-house solutions first and foremost for maintenance. The ability to offer a total instrument maintenance solution is the driving force behind the company's motivation to invest heavily in technical resources. This in-house MS capability provides Jaytee with an unequalled ability to provide the level of instrument maintenance ...

    By Jaytee Biosciences Ltd based in Herne Bay, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Re-Calibration Services for Spectrometers and Lamps

    We offer a variety of NIST traceable calibration services for our customers. StellarNet spectrometers are built rugged and often hold a calibration for many years! However, many customers prefer to get annual checkups and re-calibrations. This is a great way to ensure your system is maintained and the data you are taking is accurate. If you have ...

    By StellarNet, Inc. based in Tampa, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Extended Technical Support Packages Services

    StellarNet has been manufacturing rugged spectrometers to the worldwide market for over 20 years. We have many customers who find our general purpose spectrometers in their lab as 'hand me downs'. Companies may pass their spectrometer QC testing from employee to employee over the years OR some people may simply purchase our spectrometers second ...

    By StellarNet, Inc. based in Tampa, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Top Down-based Characterization Services of PTMs

    Top-Down MS is powerful for comprehensive analysis of protein modifications because Top-Down MS is able to analyze intact proteins/peptides without proteolysis. Therefore, the strategy can preserve the labile modified motifs which are mostly lost when shotgun method is applied and CID is used for fragmentation in analysis of protein therapeutics, ...

    By Creative Proteomics based in Shirley, NEW YORK (USA). from Proteomics Service - Top Down Proteomics Service line

  • Acrylamide

    Acrylamide is considered to be a carcinogen and can damage genetic material. It is used in the manufacture of items such as plastics, but is also formed in starchy foods that are cooked at high temperatures.

    By NILU - The Norwegian Institute for Air Research based in Kjeller, NORWAY. from Components Service line

  • Lab Services

    Lab services are an important component to air quality investigation. Hypotheses are often times best confirmed by independent laboratory results of collected field samples.

    By Healthy Air Cape Cod based in Osterville, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Analytical Testing Services

    UL microbiologists and chemists have been at the forefront of safety science for decades. Our analytical testing services help manufacturers and retailers confirm that products-from food and drugs to chemicals, household goods and toys-perform according to specifications and meet international standards.

    By UL Environment based in Marietta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Testing Services Service line

  • OEM for other companies

    BCC would like to be the OEM factory for other companies. BCC is an ISO 9001 quality system and ISO 14001 environmental quality system certified company with a focus on the development and manufacture of the gas monitoring equipment in China such as On-line TOF Mass Spectrometer and Continuous Emission Monitoring System(CEMS),Gas Probe, ...

    By Beijing Care Corporation Ltd. based in Beijing, CHINA.

  • Dioxins and Non-Ortho PCBs

    Dioxin is a generic term for a large group of chlorinated, persistent pollutants.

    By NILU - The Norwegian Institute for Air Research based in Kjeller, NORWAY. from Components Service line

  • Lipidomics Services

    Lipids are hydrophobic or amphipathic small molecules which include fats, waxes, sterols, fat-soluble vitamins (such as vitamins A, D, E and K), monoglycerides, diglycerides and phospholipids. The crucial role of lipids in biological physiology is evident not only in energy storage and structural components of cellular membranes, but also in ...

    By Creative Proteomics based in Shirley, NEW YORK (USA). from Metabolomics Service Overview Service line

  • Calibration and Certification Services

    Annual Spectrometer Calibration and Certification (NIST Traceable). Ohio Lumex highly recommends that an annual NIST traceable spectrometer calibration be done on your Ohio Lumex analyzer in order to maintain the optimum level of performance and the accuracy of data.

    By Ohio Lumex based in Solon, OHIO (USA).

  • Contamination Analysis Services

    Contamination in the manufacturing process often leads to costly production losses. Identifying the contaminant can help pinpoint the source of the problem and minimize negative effects. Constellation has the tools to effectively analyze and identify many types of contamination.

    By Constellation Technology Corporation based in Largo, FLORIDA (USA). from Chemical Analysis Service line

  • Survey Meter Calibration & Repair Service

    Stuart Hunt & Associates has two facilities with in-house calibration labs. Our technicians calibrate all types of detection equipment including: Dose rate meters – CNSC R-117 approved, Contamination meters, Tritium, neutron and beta meters, Electronic personal dosimeters, Portable gamma spectrometers.

    By Stuart Hunt & Associates Ltd. based in St. Albert, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Brominated Flame Retardants

    Brominated flame retardants (BFR) are a group of organic substances employed for their flame retardant characteristics. The most common BFRs are polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE), hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) and tetrabromobisphenol A.

    By NILU - The Norwegian Institute for Air Research based in Kjeller, NORWAY. from Components Service line

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