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  • Advanced Fabrication Technology

    Advanced Fabrication Technology

    Hyperion Optics has over a decade of experience in optical and mechanical design, manufacturing, and optical assembly. With the rapid growth in the photonics market and an increasing demand for precision and accuracy, we have heavily invested in our fabrication technology in order to better serve the optics community.Hyperon Optics has expanded its fabrication capabilities through employing ...

  • Nitrate Biosensor - Case Study

    BACKGROUND In 1998, Dr. Bill Campbell and his team published a peer-reviewed journal article in Analytical Chemistry on the construction and characterization of Nitrate Reductase-Based Amperometric ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Modular FT-NIR Spectrometer

    Modular FT-NIR Spectrometer

    The N500 FT-NIR spectrometer provides reliable analysis results for quality control as well as research and development in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage and feed industry. The NIRFlex N-500 offers a wide range of measuring cells and accessories for highest performance.