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HORIBA - Model FluoroMax Series - Sensitive, Flexible, Easy-to-use Fluorometers

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in GREECE

The xenon source that supplies prime UV performance is focused onto the entrance slit of the excitation monochromator with an elliptical mirror. Besides ensuring efficient collection, the reflective surface keeps all wavelengths focused on the slit. As an option an additional, software-selectable, xenon flash lamp can be fitted to enable ...

HORIBA - Model UVISEL 2 VUV - Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in GREECE

A versatile spectroscopic ellipsometer covering a range from VUV to NIR.The UVISEL 2 VUV is a new generation of phase modulation ellipsometer for VUV measurements. It is the only spectroscopic ellipsometer on the market designed to deliver the fastest thin film measurements over the largest wavelength range, from 147 to 2100 nm.

HORIBA - Model MEXA-ONE-QL-NX - Laser Spectroscopic Motor Exhaust Gas Analyzer

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in GREECE

HORIBA ONE Series Introduces New N-Compounds Analyzer. High accurate nitrogen compounds measurement system using QCL-IR method newly employs 'HORIBA ONE PLATFORM'. This system provides the usability and expandability for your test laboratories, as well as other HORIBA ONE series instruments.

HORIBA - Model MU-2000 - Process Gas UV Spectroscopic Analyzer

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in GREECE

HORIBA's comprehensive technologies are combined to achieve more advanced, reliable and accurate gas monitoring. HORIBA offers the MU-2000, an unprecedented high quality UV spectroscopic analyzer using our innovative optical sampling and software systems.

Alpha - Model 7401 - Spectrometer

by Canberra Industries, Inc.     Distributor in GREECE

The CANBERRA Model 7401 is a comprehensive alpha spectrometer that can accommodate samples up to two inches in diameter in a double- width NIM package. The versatile sample chamber and instrument electronics support CANBERRA's own PIPS Detectors, which combine high resolution and low backgrounds in a rugged alpha detector with active areas up to ...

Metrohm - Model NIRS XDS - Lab Analyzers

by Metrohm AG     Distributor in Gerakas, Athens, GREECE

All NIRS Lab Analyzers are equipped with the patented Metrohm NIRSystems scanning technology that offers accuracy through the full scanning range from 400 to 2500 nm. NIRS XDS Analyzers feature hot-swappable measuring modules for ease-of-use and sampling flexibility, while the NIRS DS2500 Analyzer is the right choice, if you seek a cost-effective, ...

Alpha - Analyst Integrated Spectrometer

by Canberra Industries, Inc.     Distributor in GREECE

CANBERRA's Alpha Analyst along with Apex-Alpha software is the complete solution for both routine and non-routine alpha spectroscopy applications. This flexible Alpha Spectroscopy System is designed to operate the way you do – whether that's counting samples in a production 'batch mode' environment or one sample at a time in a research type ...

Metrohm - Model NIRS DS2500 - Robust Near-infrared Spectroscopy for Routine Analysis

by Metrohm AG     Distributor in Gerakas, Athens, GREECE

The NIRS DS2500 Analyzer is the tried and tested, low-cost solution for the routine analysis of both solid and liquid samples along the entire production chain. Its robust design makes the NIRS DS2500 Analyzer resistant to dust, moisture, vibrations, and temperature fluctuations, which means that it is eminently suited for use in harsh production ...

Metrohm - Model MIRA - Metrohm Instant Raman Analyzers

by Metrohm AG     Distributor in Gerakas, Athens, GREECE

The Metrohm Instant Raman Analyzers Mira are the first commercially available dual-core mobile spectrometers with Orbital-Raster-Scan (ORS) technology.  The spectrometers come with comprehensive, validated spectral libraries for maximum usability and flexibility.  Due to the larger sample interrogation area of ORS, Mira systems are ideally suited ...

FoodScreen - Radiological Food Screening System

by Canberra Industries, Inc.     Distributor in GREECE

The CANBERRA FoodScreen Radiological Food Screening System is a complete, transportable food analyzer for quickly determining whether raw or processed food has become contaminated from a radiological event. A sample is placed into the shield, a count is initiated and a final report is generated. The report lists activity or minimum detectible ...

Accessories for XRF Analysis

by SPECTRO Analytical Instruments - AMETEK, Inc     Office in Athens, GREECE

A significant advantage of X-ray fluorescence analysis is the small amount of effort required for preparation. By using practical, tried and tested sample preparation equipment you can simplify the remaining work even further. SPECTRO offers an extensive range of accessories for XRF spectroscopy, including sample fusion systems for making fused ...

Gamma Analyst Integrated Spectrometer

by Canberra Industries, Inc.     Distributor in GREECE

Counting laboratories involved in the routine qualification and quantification of gamma emitting nuclides are burdened with the often overwhelming problem of sample management. How can sample throughput be maximized while addressing the need to meet stringent detection limits and quality standards? The normal approach is to utilize one or more ...

Raman-AFM and Nano-Raman (TERS)

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in GREECE

Physical and Chemical imaging on a single platform. One powerful tool for all your needs. HORIBA's leading Raman technology is now integrated with outstanding scanning probe microscopy (SPM). The platform integrates Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), near-field optical techniques (SNOM, NSOM), Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM), tuning fork ...

DynaPro - Model II - Plate Reader

by Wyatt Technology Corporation (WTC)     Office in Thessaloniki, GREECE

High-throughput, automated, temperature-controlled Dynamic Light Scattering. Revolutionize your performance by replacing your conventional, cuvette-based dynamic light scattering unit with the automated DynaPro Plate Reader II. The DynaPro excels at high-throughput sizing and screening of pharmaceutical and nanoparticle formulations to enable ...

HORIBA - Model Ultima Expert LT - Affordable ICP-OES Spectrometer

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in GREECE

High performance affordable ICP-OES spectrometer. The Ultima Expert LT offers high performance at an affordable price. It can handle challenging applications due to its design. Its high quality optical design which integrates a high density holographic grating and one meter focal length associated with the unique Total Plasma View feature offers ...

Model Lynx - Digital Signal Analyzer

by Canberra Industries, Inc.     Distributor in GREECE

The Lynx is the most advanced, full-featured Multichannel Analyzer ever offered. It is a 32K channel integrated signal analyzer based on advanced digital signal processing (DSP) techniques. When paired with the computer of choice, the Lynx becomes a complete spectroscopy workstation capable of the highest quality acquisition and analysis. The ...

Material Recovery Facilities (MRF)

by Hellenic Solid Waste Management Association (HSWMA)     based in Athens, GREECE

Once commingled recyclates are collected and delivered to a central collection facility, the different types of materials must be sorted. This is done in a series of stages, many of which involve automated processes such that a truck-load of material can be fully sorted in less than an hour.Some plants can now sort the materials automatically, ...

HORIBA AToR - Model EMCCD - Low Light Imaging Cameras

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in GREECE

The AToR EMCCD is a scientific interline EMCCD camera. The 658x496 sensor size enables optimum data resolution while the interline transfer technology allows very short integration times without image smearing as a result of the very quick transfer of signal charge to the lightshielded storage column. The AtoR EMCCD camera provides outstanding ...

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