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  • Multi‐Gas FTIR Cross Stack Analyzer
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    Multi‐Gas FTIR Cross Stack Analyzer

    By Cerex Monitoring Solutions, LLC.

    The Cerex FT5000 is a portable Continuous Emissions Monitor for cross stack applications. The system is based on proven FTIR and DOAS technology. The FT5000 analyzer provides real-time multi-gas qualification and ...

  • Heated Multi-Gas Infra-Red GFC Analyzer
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    Heated Multi-Gas Infra-Red GFC Analyzer

    By ENVEA

    The MIR 9000H is a multi-gas analyzer using the Gas Filters Correlation technology (GFC). With its hot measurement principle (180 °C on a hot and humid sample), the MIR 9000H is the perfect tool for the analysis of ...

  • Stack/Duct Probe
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    Stack/Duct Probe

    By Boreal Laser Inc.

    The probe is an engineered solution for our series of GasFinder analyzers toremotely monitor the path average concentrationinside of a stack or duct

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  • Empire Stack Testing llc

    Empire Stack Testing llc

    Empire Stack Testing, LLC provides high quality, economical, QSTI/Owner-supervised emission testing services to industrial, commercial and government ...

  • Dado Lab SRL

    Dado Lab SRL

    We are instrument designers, manufacturers and stack emission and environmental sampling experts realizing instruments and, especially, supply ...

  • Brasten-analytical far east co.,ltd

    Brasten - Analytical Far East Company Limited is a System Integrator, Sale and Service Center of Online Analyzers for Water, Waste Water and Process ...

  • Myramid Analytical Inc.

    Providing Analyzer services since 1978 and Stack Testing services since 1996. We specialize in on-line GC, FTIR, Spectroscopy methods, on-site ...

  • Redwing Environmental

    Redwing Environmental

    Redwing Environmental is an independent environmental consultancy located in the market town of Atherstone in Warwickshire. We are UKAS and MCERTs ...