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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Project Central Europe Repair & Re-use Centres and Networks - CERREC - Case Study

    “Central Europe Repair & Re-use Centres and Networks” – is an EU funded program implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme and co-financed by the ERDF that started in April 2011 and will last for 3,5 years. During this time the consortium of 9 partners from 7 different Central Europe countries carried out evaluation, quality management and dissemination activities in ...


  • Chieftech at The 24th FSC 2019

    The 24th Global Foundry Sourcing Conference 2019 was held in Shanghai Everbright Int’I Hotel on 24th, April, has attracted more than 500 delegates to attend. Xuancheng Chieftech Metal Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to take part in the FSC. ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Toxic Gas Detector

    Toxic Gas Detector

    For the continuous detection of toxic gases and oxygen in explosion hazardous area with a UL Class 1, Div. 1 flame proof housing.

Upcoming Events

  • 2-day Applied Deconvolution (NIST AMDIS)

    2-day Applied Deconvolution (NIST AMDIS)

    This two day practical software course on the powerful Automated Mass Spectral Deconvolution and Identification System software mixes 50% presentations with 50% practical exercises using the software to get a good grasp of it`s capabilities in performing deconvolution to process your GC-MS data. If you have complex samples with little chromatographic resolution or you need to check you have no ...