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  • Sunshine Duration Sensor
    Showcase Product

    Sunshine Duration Sensor

    By Geonica SA

    The GE0-SD6 digital Sunshine Duration Sensor is intended for indication of direct sun radiation up from the 120 W/m" limit of radiation power striking one area unit.

  • DNI Sunshine Duration Sensor
    Showcase Product

    DNI Sunshine Duration Sensor

    By EKO Instruments

    A new sensor which accurately measures the Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI) without the requirement of a sun-tracker. It features a rotating mirror, which only reflects the sunbeam onto a thermal detector. The pulsed ...

  • Sunshine Duration Meter
    Showcase Product

    Sunshine Duration Meter

    By EKO Instruments

    The MS-093 is a high-quality sunshine duration meter. A unique measurement concept with rotating mirror and broadband sensor accurately measures the broad-band direct solar radiation.

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