Surface Sampling

Equipment & Solutions

  • Bark Gauge
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    Bark Gauge

    By Haglöf Sweden AB

    With the classic Barktax instrument you will instantly have a reliable measure of the bark thickness. Bark thickness and texture vary greatly between different tree species. The bark can be ...

  • Incubators
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    By Charm Sciences, Inc.

    ROSA incubators ensure all Charm antibiotic and mycotoxin strips receive a fixed incubation temperature, no matter what the operating and ambient temperatures. A constant temperature and level surface optimizes the flow ...

  • Secondary Detectors
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    Secondary Detectors

    By TESCAN Brno, s.r.o.

    Secondary electrons (SEs) are low energy electrons emitted from a localised area at the uppermost layers of samples surface (within a range of a few nm depths); therefore, they provide high-resolution imaging suitable ...

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