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  • Touchscreen Syringe Pumps
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    Touchscreen Syringe Pumps

    By Claremont BioSolutions

    The Microliter Syringe Multi-Rack Add-On option #2 will accommodate up to four 0.5ul to 10ml syringe. The field installable rack will work with the Legato 200, Legato 210 or Legato 210P.

  • Reactor Cell
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    Reactor Cell

    By Antec Scientific

    The ChipCell is a specially designed reactor cell with very low volume (approx. 175 nL). It is ideal for small volume applications [1] and is typically used with flow rates in the range of 0.5 – 2.5 µL/min. ...

  • Pump
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    By ILS Innovative Labor Systeme GmbH

    Direct drive stepper motor/leadscrew with 30mm of travel. Manually moveable for “poweroff” syringe removal. Proprietary maintenance-free design.

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  • PDC Machines Inc.

    PDC Machines Inc.

    PDC Machines is an ISO 9001:9008 certified company that provides engineered solutions for gas producing, chemical and petro-chemical companies ...

  • LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments

    LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments

    LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments develops innovative, high quality laboratory instruments with an excellent price to performance ratio: laboratory ...

  • ILS Innovative Labor Systeme GmbH

    ILS Innovative Labor Systeme GmbH

    ILS manufactures more than 1000 types and variations of precision syringes from 0.5 ┬Ál to 100 ml manual dosing, sample injection in chromatography, ...

  • Chemyx Inc

    Chemyx Inc

    Chemyx Inc. develops and manufactures microsyringe pump and high pressure syringe pumps for a variety of R&D and manufacturing applications in ...

  • SETonic GmbH

    SETonic GmbH was founded by Dipl. Ing. (FH) Heinz Ewald in 2015. You may remember Heinz Ewald as pioneer of the microsyringes production in Germany. ...