Syringe Pumps News

  • High-Precision Material Dosing Using Syringe Pumps

    High-precision material dosing in a research experiment determines success or failure of the research experiment. For example, in microfluidic experiments a syringe pump carries out material dosing; and the quality of instrument (syringe pump) determines dosing-precision of the fluid. High-quality syringe pumps have fixtures to facilitate wide flow rate. Further, these pumps have programmable ...

    By Chemyx Inc

  • Causes and Solutions for Air Bubbles in Microfluidic Systems

    Formation of gas bubbles in microfluidic systems can sometimes be desirable. For example, they enhance mass and heat transfer inside the system. However, they usually create complications, such as clogging of microchannels, and they have a very destructive effect on long term cell culture experiments. Undesirable gas bubbles always occur in microfluidic systems, especially when gas permeable ...

    By Chemyx Inc

  • How Do Chemyx Syringe Pumps Work?

    A syringe pump is a small, positive-displacement pump used to gradually transfer precise volumes of fluid. All Chemyx Fusion series syringe pumps are driven via a stepper motor. This stepper motor precisely turns a lead screw that is threaded through a pusher block, which causes the pusher block to move. When the pump is in infusion mode, the pusher block pushes against the plunger of a secured ...

    By Chemyx Inc

  • KD Scientific has introduced the first syringe pump to deliver full stroke for large syringes continuously

    The NEW Legato 270 Syringe Pump has an optimized user configurable syringe mechanism designed to deliver a full volume in infuse and withdraw modes whether using small or large syringes. The reconfigurable mechanism allows the user to change the syringe clamping mechanism to hold from 0.5 ul up to 140 ml syringes. Two removable pins adjust the syringe mechanism to allow full stoke of the larger ...

    By KD Scientific

  • The NEW Legato 200 Series from KD Scientific is the next generation of syringe pumps

    The Legato 200 Series offers unparalleled ease of use through the high resolution color touch screen user interface. The full touch screen interface enable the user to quickly create configurations and recall them for easy use. The intuitive run screen combines multiple parameters simultaneously with internationally recognized graphic Icons which allow the Legato 200 series to provide a new level ...

    By KD Scientific

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