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  • Covert Tactical Camera
    Showcase Product

    Covert Tactical Camera

    By Medit Inc.

    The DarkSite Tactical Camera is a specially manufactured 8mm diameter videoscope configured to support a wide range of camera tips for specific applications. These videoscopes are constructed with interchangeable tips ...

  • Half Tanks
    Showcase Product

    Half Tanks

    By Eco-Rain Tank Systems of America, Inc.

    Dimensions: 1.34` wide x 2.25` long x .79` deep. % Void Space: 97%. Void Storage Space: 2.31 Cubic Feet. % Gravel Void Space: 40%. Module Space: 2.38 Cubic Feet. Weight: 7.64 lbs..

  • Miniature Crawler System
    Showcase Product

    Miniature Crawler System

    By Inuktun Services Ltd (ISL)

    The NanoMag is a miniature crawler system with built-in rare earth magnets, allowing it to travel vertically, horizontally and even upside down on ferrous metal surfaces. The standard unit includes a Spectrum 45 pan and ...

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  • DJA Inspection Services

    DJA Inspection Services safely performs above ground storage tank (AST) inspections and cleaning in the petroleum and chemical industries worldwide ...

  • Conrady Consultant Services, Inc.

    Conrady Consultant Services, Inc.

    Conrady Consultant Services is a nationwide professional water storage tank and pipeline inspection company specializing in ROV inspection, ROV ...