Tank leak Monitoring

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  • Area Monitoring: Diffusion Sampling

    Area Monitoring: Diffusion Sampling

    Indoor and outdoor gas hazards that exist in open areas are usually monitored using diffusion-type sensors. A diffusion sensor has no active sample-drawing system; diffusion sensors rely on the ambient air movement and pressure to deliver the sample to the sensing element. Diffusion-type sensors are a reliable and cost-effective way to monitor open area gas hazards. When installing diffusion ...


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  • Tank Monitor

    Tank Monitor

    A Convenient, Powerful Remote Monitor ; The MCG 8100 communicates and provides power to any of the L&J 81xx series magnetostrictive level probes or interstitial leak detection probes through a convenient 4 wire data highway. Up to 10 individual probes and 12 external sensors can be connected in parallel to the same MCG 8100, with the appropriate amount of I.S. barriers Through this data ...