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  • How the thermal runaway test chamber works?

    How the thermal runaway test chamber works?

    As the valve-regulated battery uses a poor liquid design, the electrolyte poured into the battery is adsorbed on the fiberglass board. When the charging current increases, the gas needs to be released through the safety valve, which causes the battery to lose water and increase the internal resistance. The capacity decay and generate a lot of heat during charging and discharging.If the heat is ...

  • Working Principle of Screw Press

    Working Principle of Screw Press

    Groundnut oil machine can be divided into two major categories: hydraulic presses and screw presses. The use of hydraulic presses is relatively simple, and the use is very fast, which provides a lot ...


  • GENAQ water: certified generation

    GENAQ water: certified generation

    What makes the water produced by GENAQ’s atmospheric generators different? The certification of the generation of our water. The great challenge of our generators is to reproduce the rain process to generate water from the humidity of the air ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Multidizer Oven

    Multidizer Oven

    The UVP Multidizer Oven is designed with two separate incubation chambers that work as separate, independent units and can be used for a variety of applications. The two chambers allow for simultaneous hybridization and blotting procedures requiring different sized bottles, motions, or temperature settings. The upper chamber is equipped with a shaker tray that can be exchanged with an acrylic ...