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  • Using the Total Focusing Method Algorithm to Enhance PAUT Imaging

    Companies depend on phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) to inspect their assets and equipment for signs of deterioration and damage. PAUT uses acoustic waves to measure the interiors of solid objects, including metals and composites. Fast, effective, and dependable, PAUT improves on conventional ultrasonic methods by using an array of transmitters and receivers. This allows technicians to scan ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Concrete Thermal Expansion

    Concrete Thermal Expansion

    Concrete Thermal Expansion is a computer controlled, automated, concrete thermal expansion testing machine.

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  • Ankiros 2020

    Ankiros 2020

    We would like to thank all our exhibitors and visitors for being a part of ANKIROS / ANNOFER / TURKCAST 2018. This year we had 1020 exhibitors 621 of it international and 17.197 visitors from all around the world. With a global reputation as one of the biggest metallurgy event of 2018, the ANKIROS / ANNOFER / TURKCAST trade fairs became a high-level gathering place for professionals, deal makers ...